The shower caddy has become the perfect invention for the bathroom. They are effective at their current jobs but why confine them to being storage vessels for your shampoo and body wash?

When we take a shower caddy outside of its natural habitat, we see that it can do so much more. We’ve compiled a list of ideas from around the web that turn caddies into organizational baddies. If you aren’t using yours in one of these ways, you’re missing out!

  1. Homework Bin

    caddy homework suppliesBold and Turquoise

    Easily organize classroom or homework supplies with a plastic shower tote. This mom at Bold and Turquoise made hers for sharing, but if you’ve got extra time and moolah to splurge, you can also personalize one for each kid.

  2. Produce Stand

    caddy produceWelcome to Towerland

    Cleverly store fresh fruit and veggies out of the way with this hanging produce stand. Welcome to Towerland blogger Kimber was so happy to free up some counter space with this one!

  3. Jewelry Holder

    caddy jewelry holderB is 4 Blog

    Pretty and functional, this jewelry holder from the B is 4 blog is a painted and repurposed shower caddy. Mount yours as is or decorate it before hanging your necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

  4. Wine Rack

    caddy wine rackStephanie Oliver via Pinterest

    A two-in-one wine and glass rack? After you set yours up, the only question will be where to hang it. Hmm, the kitchen or the master bathroom?

  5. Housekeeping Tote

    caddy cleaning kitJust a Girl and Her Blog

    Organize your cleaning supplies for each area of the house: kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. Take it a step further and label it like this blogger at Just a Girl and her Blog.

  6. Arts & Crafts Station

    caddy craft organizerPunk Projects

    Keep items within reach with this inexpensive arts and crafts station. Punk Projects gave theirs a glitter job before propping up their crafty wares. You can also create one of these for gift wrap and sewing projects!

  7. Hair Tool Organizer

    caddy hair toolsChelsea Beggs via Pinterest

    Your bathroom counters will appreciate the extra space if you stow your tools elsewhere. Hang your hair tools on the wall or the inside of the sink cabinet if you have the space!

  8. Wall Planter

    caddy planterDazzle While Frazzled

    You can finally start your indoor or outdoor garden on a wall with this smart idea. Get a mini herb garden going in your kitchen or say it with terracotta like this Dazzle While Frazzled project.

  9. Movie Night Snack Box

    caddy movie nightOne Crazy House

    Whether you’re having a family movie night, slumber party, or girls’ night, this one is a winner! Check out the idea at One Crazy House.

  10. Pool Shelf

    caddy pool organizerChristine Hughes via Pinterest

    Time spent fumbling around for sunscreen and shades can be better spent in the water when you have one of these nearby.

  11. Kitchen Spice Rack

    caddy spice rackMs Mel Edwards via Pinterest

    Sugar and spice and all that’s nice when it’s not taking up extra space on the counter. Use this exclusively for spices or give your other kitchen items a home.

  12. Road Trip Entertainer

    caddy road tripKeeping Life Creative

    Individualize your kiddos’ road trip snacks, games, and headphones and keep them occupied for miles while in the car. Like Keeping Life Creative pointed out with this one, you’ll only have to worry about getting them to put things back.

  13. Baby Bottle Caddy

    caddy baby bottlesMaggie Hall via Pinterest

    This one speaks for itself and is a total lifesaver for parents, grandparents, and the babysitter.

  14. Nail Polish Storage

    caddy polishLori Hurlbut via Pinterest

    Got too many bottles of this stuff to count? Launch your own home nail salon by hanging up a few of these in your bathroom.

  15. Toilet Paper Stacker

    caddy TPJLR via Pinterest

    A lovely way to stack the TP when you’re limited on bathroom storage space.

Head out to your local dollar store or home wares store to pick up a few shower caddies for one of these clever uses. Put one in your garage, under the sink, or even outside on the porch and make it work for you!

In what ways are you using shower caddies around your home or on the job? Which of these ideas do you like?