This Looks Like a Normal Shower Organizer, but She Uses It in a Brilliant New Way! Watch This!

If you have a small shower in your house or apartment you know darn well how real that struggle is. It’s not a bathtub…it’s barely a shower. It’s just a thin vertical space with enough room for one. Now, that’s all well and good – you don’t NEED a luxurious amount of room, you’re just getting clean – but you’re not the ONLY thing in your shower. You’ll also need your shower caddy, which holds your shampoos, body washes, razors, and soaps.

Most people hang their caddy from the shower head and while this does make good use of all your vertical space, it’s such a pain in a small space. So Alejandra Costello, in all her organizing wisdom, decided to try a different technique when hanging her shower caddy. Watch what she did in the video below, you’ll want to try it yourself.



I cannot be the only person dying to try this. It’s brilliant! You don’t have to awkwardly reach through the stream of water to grab your products, instead they’re conveniently right in front of you.

Alejandra pulled this off with a large hook purchased from Home Depot. They offer a variety, so you can choose any style you like. Then, using two anchors and two screws, she mounted the hook and hung her regular shower caddy off of it.

For extra hold, she hooked two large suction cups to the bottom of the caddy, holding it in place.

What do you think of this shower organizing hack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for a more thorough breakdown of how Alejandra organized her shower (and her entire home) check out her amazing blog.