Need a vacation after summer? Why not take off to an international destination when everyone else is busy at work? The off-season is the perfect time to catch some great travel deals and take in some sights.

Well, we’re really talking about shoulder season. During certain points of the year, popular travel hot spots are less crowded and tourism slows down. That gives savvy travelers the opportunity to jump on low fares and hotel rates and the advantage of great weather.

So, what’s the shoulder season? It usually takes place around the spring or fall, so you want plan to take trips around September or October, or April and May. Students are busy in school and others have settled into their pre or post-holiday work routines.

If you’re unsure where to start, this video from Wochit can help you get your travel daydreams underway. So, update your passport, stash some cash, and get ready to jet set!

  1. Paris – The City of Lights

    Hop on a plane or train to visit the Eiffel Tower, one of France’s most popular cities. September though November are optimal times to stop in, and it’s said tourism also drops around August. That means shorter lines at busy sites and monuments, and more time to enjoy the locals.

  2. Rome

    Italy has much to offer with its history, food, and tourist attractions. If you want to a enjoy a quieter experience with less of a crowd swell, book your trip in September or October or anytime between April and June. And make sure to make a wish at Trevi Fountain!

  3. Bali

    You want to hit this Indonesian hot spot before rainy season starts in November. Visit temples, beaches, and beautiful villages sometime between the end of April through October for the best deals.

    Surfers, honeymooners, and backpackers enjoy Bali during the day and night, as you can explore in the sun and party under the moon.

  4. Barcelona

    This Spanish city is bustling during the summer, so try to head there May – June or September. You’ll find the weather is more than fair and the beaches aren’t as crowded. October is also a prime time to score cheap air fare and low rental car rates. It’s also a wonderful time of year to indulge in wine tastings for the region.


When making plans, be sure to check for weather conditions as well as any major events such as conferences or festivals. Events tend to attract large swaths of people year after year, so expect the hotel and restaurant prices to be higher, even during off-peak times.

Do explore the entire video to hear more about which awesome places are ripe for shoulder season. Scour the web now for great deals and check popular travel sites in the city of your choosing or discounters who offer quick getaways. And please, share pictures of your fall and spring adventures.

Where would you love to sprint off to during shoulder season? Have you ever taken advantage of low off-season rates? Where have you been for cheap?