Woman Feels ‘Wild’ After Getting Almost All of Her Hair Chopped Off

The thought of chopping off a bunch of long, luxurious hair is, generally speaking, a heart-stopping prospect for most women out there. Nonetheless, as a confirmed lover of all things makeover-related, we can tell you that going from “hippie” to “pixie” can do SO much for a woman’s appearance— if it’s done right, that is!

Though we’ve featured more than a few aspirational long-to-short cuts in the past, we’ve got to admit that this one might just be our “holy grail” hair transformation. Now, it’s not like this “makoveree” has got feet to cut off of her hair; it’s a bit more subtle than that. But it just goes to show you that small tweaks can make a huge difference!

Master hairstylist and YouTuber Christopher “The Makeover Guy” Hopkins performs this frizzy, fried hair exorcism on Christal, a woman who emphasizes that it is “time” for a major change. Her main objective is to donate her extra locks, but she also wants to “look fun and happy and glowing.” Sounds like she’s ready to get rid of that extra weight, huh?

In fact, before going in for the dramatic change, Christal said she was “game for anything.” Quite the risky move for someone in a hair salon. Let’s just say that she’s putting a lot of trust into The Makeover Guy’s hands—er—scissors.

So, when Christal finally sits down in Hopkins’ chair, it’s clear that her pre-makeover interview wasn’t just talk. The man literally takes a fistful of hair and CHOPS IT OFF! Inches are gone in seconds. Perhaps it’s like quickly pulling off a bandage, but we have to admit that Christal takes this initial cut like a champ. Good for her!

Next, a color expert takes Christal’s hair from a dingy white to a nice, natural-looking pale blonde. Hopkins then performs the last finishing touches on her new short ‘do, which leaves his client with much more defined, voluminous hair.

We think that the cut looks absolutely amazing, but we have to say that the color is the most striking part of this makeover. The pale blonde adds an element of warmth to her skin that makes her not only look years younger, but also so much more confident. Hey, she wanted “fun and happy and glowing,” and she certainly got it!

Now, we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you by posting the grand reveal here. We think that you need to witness the whole, stunning transformation in its entirety to truly appreciate it.

To see this brave lady go from drab to fabulous yourself, be sure to click on TheMakeoverGuy’s video below. If you’re thinking of going short, this may be the little extra push that you need!

What do you think of Christal’s dramatic hair change? Have you ever gone from long to short before? If so, were you happy with the results? What is your hair donation charity of choice? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!