What Happens During This Couple’s Wedding Dance Is A Great Surprise For The Bride

The first dance between a husband and wife is always the highlight of any wedding. And though each slow dance has its own special set of choreography, some end up shaping up to be more unique than others. Take this one, for instance—the bride has something traditional planned out, but the groom has his own idea . . .

Now, before we get into the thick of this romantic viral video, let’s first set the stage! Happy couple Melissa Baker and husband are holding each other and getting ready to show off some of their signature moves on an absolutely stunning ballroom floor.

The space is lit with florescent purples and blues, and the bride’s gown is elegant with intricately-placed shimmery jewels; the dress fits her beautifully. Well, she is a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model after all. Yup, it’s one of those absolutely perfect weddings! The looks in their eyes say it all.

As the Ohio newlyweds stand in place and patiently wait for the music to start, the wedding DJ introduces the song to their audience. He says, “Now, they have chosen a special song for this dance because it is from one of their most favorite artists. And that, of course, is Mark Wills.”

For all of you out there who are not familiar with country star Mark Wills, you should be! He’s a Nashville recording artist who is known for writing and performing some seriously passionate love songs. If you’re looking to rekindle some romance with your lover, look no further than this guy, because he is good!

But back to the dance. After the DJ gives that oddly-informative intro – it will make sense later, trust us! – both Melissa and her husband start swaying rhythmically to the record. You can tell by the smiles on their faces that this is quite the moment for these two!

All is adorably sweet and sappy, until . . .

The music stops. The screeching of vinyl sounds loudly over the speakers, and the worried bride immediately mouths, “What happened?!” The lady looks panicked, and for good reason; she thinks that her first dance as a married woman has been ruined!

Though she keeps on bravely showing those pearly whites, it’s not hard to tell that Melissa is bummed. The DJ, once again, takes to the mic for another announcement. “Well, we do have a keyboardist, so we’re going to do a live version, if you don’t mind.”

The bride and groom agree, the music starts again, and then… a man starts to sing, and she. Flips. OUT!

bride screams on dance floorSelectivesoundjs
To see why beautiful bride Melissa Baker runs screaming from her new husband during her wedding dance, watch Selectivesoundjs video below. This has to be one of the best wedding surprises that we’ve ever seen. Let’s just say that her husband gets an A-plus!

What do you think of Melissa Baker’s wedding dance? What was your wedding dance like? Are you a fan of Mark Wills? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!