After Years of Trying, Couple Gets Shocking News

When it comes to conceiving children, every couple is different. For Ashley and Tyson Gardner, the road to having kids was not an easy one. The pair spent eight long years trying tirelessly to conceive, and were constantly disappointed when the results came back negative time after time.

After close to a decade, the Utah couple was close to giving up, but they decided to try one final round of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in July, 2014.

The following two weeks were difficult. There were countless needles, ultrasounds, and doctors appointments, and all along the couple couldn’t shake the lingering fear that their final attempt would be unsuccessful. After weeks of procedures, only two embryos were found viable for Ashley and both were implanted.

10 more long days followed, but finally, the couple heard the news they had been waiting eight years to hear: they were finally pregnant.

When it was time for the first ultrasound, Tyson arranged for a photo shoot to capture some priceless memories of their baby’s first ultrasound. They went into the appointment, cameras rolling, and waiting with baited breath to hear what the doctor had to say.

Happily, the baby was doing well and developing at just the right speed. But this welcomed news wasn’t the whole story. Not even close.

The doctor went on to explain that the two surviving embryos had both split, meaning that Ashley wasn’t just pregnant with one baby or even two – she was carrying quadruplets. What’s more, the two sets of twins were both identical, a phenomenon which had a one in 70 million chance of happening!

Needless to say, Ashley had QUITE the reaction to this news.

The photographers Tyson had brought in captured a series of hilarious photos, in which Ashley can be seen trying to digest the news that she was carrying four identical children. Her reaction is so genuine, you can’t help but chuckle at the pure look of shock on her face! The photos quickly went viral and the world was suddenly watching as the Gardners prepared for their four little miracles.

The sudden internet fame encouraged Ashley and Tyson set up a Facebook page called “A Miracle Unfolding – Gardner Quadruplets”, which soon after prompted a YouTube channel called “The Quad Squad”. Both pages followed Ashley through her pregnancy and the birth of their children, Indie, Esme, Scarlet, and Evangeline. The page now follows the four quadruplets as they’re growing up!

Ashley recently was launched back into viral fame when her “Mommy Break” video caught the attention of Ellen, who brought the whole family on her show.

And this was only the start of the Gardner’s journey into the national spotlight. A year ago the family worked with TLC to share their story on the TV show, “Rattled”, which covered their entire miraculous journey from infertility to the birth of their quadruplets.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing much more of the Gardner quads as their proud parents continue to share their wonderful lives!

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