It’s about that time! That time of year when we’re finally busting out our patio furniture you haven’t seen since last summer and getting to spending some glorious time relaxing outside.

Problem is, if your patio furniture is made of metal, like most are, there’s a good chance it spent the winter getting nice and rusty in your shed. And no one wants to relax on a summer night on a rusty chair.

You may think that there’s no way to bring back a rusted patio set to its former glory, but prepared to be amazed. The best thing about this solution is that it doesn’t require spending hundreds on a new set, or hours refinishing and repainting each leg of the chairs. All it takes to get rid of that unsightly rust is some aluminum foil and a fizzy drink you may already have in the kitchen.

Coca-Cola actually has a lot of unexpected, helpful uses around the home, and since we don’t recommend drinking it on a normal basis, it may as well be used for good!

Take a look as rust literally disappears from metal with the help of Coke in this Crazy Russian Hacker video.

Looking for a yummy frozen treat for a hot day? You can also use Coca-Cola to work some slushy magic. Check this out:

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