Have you ever had an idea for an invention that would fix some overlooked problem? I don’t know if my crazy idea for an auto-refilling coffee mug will ever get off the ground, but I’m holding out hope. We did find out about one product that sounds too unreal to be true, except it is: the Shitten Mitten.

They’re Not Shitten You

Shittens are made of the same basic material as wet wipes, but they’re in the form of a mitten that you can slip on over your hand. If you’ve ever changed a diaper, you can see the immediate appeal. Dealing with a diaper blowout can feel like a Herculean task. Are Shittens the answer?

Trying to clean up the mess with normal square wipes while simultaneously holding down a wiggling, crying baby is practically impossible. It’s inevitable that at some point, you will end up with poo on your hands. Not our idea of a good time!

Faced with this, Shittens sound like a godsend. Slip one on, and your hand is protected from baby’s secret weapon on all sides. Wipe everything squeaky-clean, roll the Shitten off just as you would a disposable glove, and toss it in the trash. Easy-peasy.

The Shittens website definitely has fun with the silliness of the invention, with celebrities from Jenny McCarthy to Mark Cuban supposedly endorsing the product. “The genius mitten shape of a Shitten,” they say, “provides not only safety from poop, but on a larger scale, emotional peace of mind.” The product’s YouTube ad even has a silly country-style jingle: “Try the new wet-wipe shaped like a mitten! Don’t get caught brown-handed, just put on a Shitten!”

Give Yourself a Hand

Shittens are available in packs of 20 from Amazon. They’re safe for babies and eco-friendly, the company promises — and like any wipe, they may or may not be flushable, depending on your plumbing. Shittens are definitely getting some attention at baby showers and as joke gifts. They sell out fast, however, so people must think they’re no laughing matter! 

But are they actually useful? Can they really clean baby’s bum and protect your hands? Facebook users are saying things like Shittens would be better if they had a plastic liner. It does seem like a thin layer of wet wipe might not be enough to protect your hand. I know when I’m changing baby, I wad a wipe up, so it gives several layers of protection.

woman placing pillowcase on ceiling fan

Then again, there are other uses for Shittens. The company promotes them as products for adult and pet clean up, too. But I could see getting even more creative: maybe I could slip on a Shitten for an easy way to dust a countertop, fan, or other surface? Or keep a pack in the car in case I spill something and need to get in the nooks and crannies of the dash, console, or seat?

At about $2 per Shitten, you definitely have to think about their value. What do you think about this somewhat silly product? Does it sound potentially useful? Or ridiculous? Have you tried Shittens?