There’s something so effortlessly cool about throwing on a classic t-shirt and jeans before going out to face the day. Though all of us may love that rocker look, it’s widely known that these casual staples can get wrinkled and disorganized in a dresser quickly. That’s why we’re going to show you the BEST way to fold this much beloved clothing item. Say goodbye to that cluttered t-shirt drawer!

This awesome tip is brought to you today by Jeanie Englebach, a professional organizer who made this video with one of our favorite home style sites, Houzz. Jeanie’s got some serious passion for all things organization, and in this clip she reveals her FAVORITE tool to use when arranging a family’s clothing items—a shirt folding board!

Our host explains that these boards come in two sizes: one for smaller items like children’s and women’s clothing, and one for larger items like men’s clothing and sweaters, but by the looks of it, it seems to make sense to go for the larger size, as it will fold ALL of your tops.

So, let’s get started on this super simple folding hack!

  1. For long sleeved shirts

    long sleeved foldHouzzTV

    Start by laying the shirt flat on the folding rack with all tabs open, then fold both sleeves in toward the center of the shirt so that they cross over one another. Next, gently turn each of the three tabs over so that your sleeves fold in—be sure that you keep a firm grip on each end while turning so that the top doesn’t unfold. Annnnd you’re done! Wow, I’ve never seen someone fold a shirt so quickly!

  2. For short sleeved shirts

    t-shirt folding boardHouzzTV

    Begin by making sure that both of your sleeves are smoothed out and touching each tab. If the bottom end of your t-shirt is hanging off of the folding board, then simply make a crease so that it fits the bottom edge. Next, complete the exact same steps you followed for the long sleeved shirt—just fold in those three tabs!

Jeanie mentions the element of consistency in this hack several times throughout her demonstration. She’s right; each shirt ends up with a perfect fold!

Our professional organizer extraordinaire even gives us some advice on how to keep those perfectly-folded shirts neat and in place.

The main reason why t-shirts get so disorganized in the first place is because they are hard to display when stored in a drawer, and we end up rummaging around to find the right one .

To combat this annoying issue, Jeanie simply arranges them in a “cascade,” so that all t-shirts are visible when the drawer is open. Just add one shirt at a time, moving each one up about an inch or so as the stack builds. So smart!

drawer full of folded t-shirts
Watch HouzzTV’s video starring the incomparable organizing queen Jeanie Englebach below!

What do you think about these folding and t-shirt storage hacks? Do you own a shirt folding board? If so, are you happy with its results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!