This Shipping Container is The Way to Travel

When you think of mobile homes you usually picture a trailer park, an RV, or these days even a tiny house in a vehicle. Less common is the kind that can be shipped anywhere in the world, at any time. Yes, folks, we’re talking about being shipped by land or sea – as a shipping container. Shipping container homes have been around for a while, but they run the gamut from being large mansion-esque structures fit for a family of five to stationary little cottages. What do you get when you cross a talented boat craftsman with a 20-foot shipping container? A unique living situation!

Originally, Evans had purchased the shipping container to use as storage for his and his wife’s belongings after her passing. After taking some time away and then revisiting the container, the idea came to him to turn it into a living space fit for one person. The style of container he chose is not only well suited for overseas travel, but also for expansion into a larger, yet compactable home. It is hard not to dig the personality of this container home. At first sight, you are greeted with a declaration of it being a “Farthaven”, and obviously a place where they are more than welcome. But you’ll also notice the charming tribute by the widower to his wife’s memory.

The bed was formerly a queen sized one for the couple, but Evans transformed it into a hanging nautical twin sized version. How beautiful! The coffee table was also part of his and the Mrs.’ home, and he adding seashell fossils to the body as an accent. The ladder leading to the bunk also doubles as storage. In the kitchen, sleek stainless steel appliances complement the wood counters and island. The island happens to be made with floorboards that have been well oiled. Chrome colored utensils line the wall and provide a nice contrast with the wall’s coloring. Tucked away behind the refrigerator is the house’s water and electrical sources. A water tank delivers drinking and washing water to the home. The washer-and-dryer in one is also hidden behind a cabinet door near the sink.

No detail was spared in the bathroom, where dirty humor meets clean design. Love it! It features a tall, glass-doored shower that sits in the corner and a full size vanity. Although the house is not fully finished being constructed, Evans estimates that so far the cost has been around $18,000 USD. The bulk of that was spent on the windows, insulation, and the container itself. He plans on expanding it to include a veranda and more seating, all under a new roof! Having the new section enclosed will also leave him the option of whether he wants to open that part of his house or keep it closed in. The amount of natural light coming into the house makes it easy to forget that it’s a shipping container!

What do you think of this mobile home design? Could you see yourself downsizing in the future? Share with us in the comments!