Every woman dreams of the day the love of her life finally gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage. But no matter what kinds of romantic scenes we fantasize about, we still want the engagement to be the biggest surprise of our lives.

And that’s just how it went down for one woman named Lauren Esposito. The day she thought she was simply attending a concert was the day her life would change for the better.

Her boyfriend Zach Hamner wanted to her the surprise of a lifetime she deserved. That’s why he had to lie to her.

In order to do so he, let’s go back a few steps. First, he had to ask for her father’s blessing to marry his daughter. After getting that, he asked for Dad’s help and involvement for how the proposal was going to go down—and Dad was all about helping make the occasion special for his daughter.

Lauren’s father took her to a church concert on the day that Zach was set to propose. Lauren was told that Zach was supposed to meet them there after his work event (you know, his super fake work event that didn’t even exist!).

During the concert, the vocalist announced that Zach was the guest of honor. A very confused Lauren started to frantically text him asking him where he was and that the doors were going to be closing soon.

When Zach told her that he was on her way after being held up at work, she was honestly kind of pissed—we don’t blame her!

But little did she know that Zach was actually only a few feet away in the same church she was sitting in. I mean, what’s a good proposal if you don’t get the girl all worked up right beforehand?

Don’t worry, she definitely forgave him once she realized what was happening. When the church began to show a video montage of photos of Zach and Lauren throughout their one and a half years together that Zach had put together for the big moment, she was shocked—but something was definitely starting to catch on.

After the montage, Zach appeared from the end of the church hall and began walking down the aisle. Lauren’s face said it all. We’re sure there were a million thoughts running through her head—is that really my boyfriend walking over to me right now? Wasn’t he just caught up at work? How’s my hair look? Is this what I think it is?

It sure was! Zach’s tear-jerking pre-proposal speech had everyone in the church pews wiping tears away from their eyes, especially Lauren. This is definitely a moment both of them will never forget.

To see the whole proposal go down, check out the video below!

What do you think of Zach’s surprise proposal? Would you be shocked if your significant other did something like this? What’s one of your favorite proposal stories you’ve ever heard about or witnessed?