I love cooking fried eggs, but they often make a mess in the pan and don’t always turn out as intended. The video below shows you a clever way to fry eggs in a pan using 2 mason jar lids. The eggs stay contained within the mason jar lids and cook up perfectly. You can leave them as is or flip the lids to make your eggs over easy or over medium. It’s a fun way to make eggs and it’s super simple!. So check out the video, or just view the instructions below. And enjoy!

What you need:
– 2 mason jar lids
– 2 eggs
– cooking spray
– tongs (or something to grab the mason jar lids)

How to make it:
1. Warm pan on stove
2. Spray pan with cooking spray
3. Place tops of the 2 mason jar lids directly on to the pan
4. Crack an egg in each mason jar lid
5. Let eggs cook, then flip lids with tongs
6. Knock eggs out of lids onto plate