Woman Videotapes This Guard’s Act of Kindness, Not Realizing the Clip Would Soon Be Viewed By Over a Million People

Sometimes, the most poignant random acts of kindness occur in the most unexpected of places, like at a diner, or a coffee shop, or, in today’s case, on a street corner in bustling Minneapolis.

There, every day, a community of people assist one of its own, a man named Jerry whose daily errands are made just that much easier because of the thoughtful neighbors who help him.

One day, Tina Mack, a woman who just happened to be getting her hair done at the Aveda Institute, was looking out the window when she noticed a security guard from the salon leaving his post to safely escort a man across the street. When Mack asked her stylist about the situation, she was quickly informed that this was a very common occurrence in this particular block.

Jerry, the man who needed some help getting across the street, is blind and hearing impaired, a fact that doesn’t stop him from living an independent life with his wife in Minneapolis.

That said, in order to go about his business, he must face the fact that city living is simply not set up for someone with his disabilities—and walking across the street, can be a dangerous scenario when you can’t see whether or not everyone is following the rules of the road!

Recognizing Jerry’s challenges, the members of the community—including the employees of the stores that line the street as well as the pedestrians who frequent the area—consistently do the right thing by ensuring that their friend gets to where he needs to go safely.

Jerry and his wife, Ally, who is also blind, say that it is “huge” for them to get such consistent support from their community.

When Mack got all of the details on this quiet, yet touching collective neighborhood effort, she just had to share her experience at the salon with the rest of the world. In a post on Facebook, the Aveda customer added a video of a security guard walking Jerry across the street along with a description of the daily occurrence.

The post went viral, as things like this tend to do these days, and was shared hundreds of thousands of times on the Love What Matters page. The story even got the attention of news stations and has been reported by most in the Minneapolis area.

We’re total suckers for stories like this! It’s just so great to hear that, even with all of the current divisiveness in our country, a whole community can come together to quietly take care of its own.

To meet Jerry, as well as some of the others who help him make sure that he has safe days, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this heartwarming story. Are you touched by what the community does for Jerry? Do you see something similar happening in your neighborhood? If so, would you like to shine a light on the people who are doing good?