There’s nothing like a nice, cold glass of rosé or white wine on a lazy summer afternoon or evening. Now some sommeliers will tell you that the ideal temperature for a glass of white wine should be somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you’re just trying to take the edge off with a cool beverage, then you’re really not trying to be a wine snob. You just want wine, you want it cold, and you want it now. Amirite?

Problem is, if you’re enjoying your glass of wine outside, especially on a hot summer day, it’s not likely to stay cool or refreshing for very long. Seriously, how many times have you gotten so caught up with conversation with your buddies, or neglected your stemware for a dip in the pool, that you come back to it and it’s grossly lukewarm? Blegh.

Of course, you could add ice cubes to your wine, but that just waters it down. And if there’s anything worse than lukewarm wine, it’s watered down wine!

Don’t worry, there is a solution. And it’s pretty genius. It’s easy, simple, cheap, and will keep your drink cool all night long. Best of all: It’s an edible solution. That’s right, you can actually eat the solution we’re talking about. We think you know where this is heading.

Two words: Frozen. Grapes.

Check out the video below for more info on this amazing way to keep your wine chilled—and how to do it.