To be a secret service agent, you really have to be a certain type of breed and talent. The U.S. Secret Service doesn’t hire just anyone—you need to be equipped to offer a range of protective and investigative assignments and work with people of the highest caliber.

If you do finally become a secret service agent, you learn quite a bit during training and throughout your career. But it’s hard to truly know what goes down as a secret service agent unless you know someone who was one. And if you do know someone who was one, they likely have a lot of advice on getting through life as safely as possible.

As the daughter of a former secret service agent, a woman named Lauren of the TikTok handle @cardy_couture_boutique, decided to share some of the life-changing advice her father gave her in her videos. The videos quickly went viral, garnering millions of reactions for the unique advice from a first hand secret service agent.

One of the most reacted-to pieces of advice Lauren shared from her father is “Men never ask for help—if a man asks you for help, you need to run.”

Men were a bit confused by this one—so they can’t ask for directions if they’re lost? But commenters came to the conclusion that the advice is really referring to men approaching a woman by himself, asking her to come help him with something vague. Then—run!

Some of the other great pieces of advice Lauren shared in her videos:

  • Never ever turn your back toward the door
  • Mace is meant to be kept in your hand, not in your purse
  • If you think you’re being followed, make four right turns
  • Look for tattoos or birthmarks of an attacker
  • Be skeptical of coincidences

Lauren’s got plenty more pieces of advice in her videos where she turns her dad’s thoughts into inspirational quotes. Check out Part 1 below, and then follow her for more videos where she shares even more. You never know when you’ll need some of these tips!

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What do you think of the advice that Lauren shared from her secret service agent father? Do you follow these tips already, or are have you never heard of these tips before? Do you know anyone in the U.S. Secret Service? What kind of life advice have they shared with you that they learned in their career?