People get tattoos for different reasons. Sometimes a tattoo has deep meaning and represents something symbolic. Other times, the tattoo is simply something the person liked.

Whether you’re getting a tattoo because it symbolizes something for you or because you simply like it, it’s important to know if there is any actual, real symbolism or meaning behind the tattoo. For example, if you’re having something in another language tattooed on your body, make sure you have a good translation of what it means. If you’re having a picture of something tattooed on your body, do a little research to find out if there is a meaning linked to that image that you didn’t know about before.

Sometimes people regret tattoos that they were originally excited to get. Sometimes what is tattooed gains a new meaning later on in life, and other times, there was a deep meaning that the person who got the tattoo simply didn’t know about.

Brittany Lewin has a tattoo of a pineapple on her left arm. The tattoo is of a pineapple with a triangle around the bottom half of the pineapple. On TikTok, she explained that she got the tattoo because “it’s meant to represent being a boss babe and the triangle is my lucky symbol.”

When Lewin props her elbow up on a table, the pineapple is upside down. This is the way the pineapple tattoo looks on many of her social media posts.

Lewin used to love her tattoo, but now she is regretting it. She recently learned that although to her it symbolizes “being a boss babe,” that’s not what it means to the rest of the world. In a TikTok video she explained, “I’ve made a mistake besties.”

Watch her TikTok below to find out what an upside down pineapple tattoo actually means. Perhaps you already know, but Lewin had no idea.

@b_brittanylewin I’ve made a mistake besties…. ?‍♀️?? #fyp #foryoupage #fail #pineapple #pineappletattoo #ohno ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Some of Lewin’s followers commented on her video sharing that they noticed the upside down tattoo on her other videos and weren’t sure if she knew what it meant or not. Others assumed she knew what it meant and thought “each to their own.”

One TikTok comment explains that “any pineapples in front of people’s homes are also swingers.” Be warned, unless you’re a swinger or want people to think you’re a swinger, don’t get an upside down pineapple tattoo, and don’t put pineapples in front of your home.