Few rooms can get cramped like your kitchen can – which is especially unfortunate because, unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw and you’re using your appliances to house your clothes, you need to use this room every single day. Between dishware, silverware, appliances and not to mention the food, it can feel like you’ve run out of space in a small kitchen in the blink of an eye. But never fear! There are some creative ways to getting around the limitations of a tiny kitchen – mainly, with super secret storage.

Utilize every inch of free space in your kitchen with this slide-out, vertical kitchen pantry. It comes right out of the wall, secretly holding all your spices and non-perishables that just wouldn’t fit in your boring not-secret-shelves! Then, when you’re retrieved the item from the shelf, you can put it right back into the wall like nothing ever happened. Now THAT’S how you preserve kitchen space.

Rolling pantry to increase kitchen storage space.BuzzFeed
This DIY is easy to make and doesn’t require any crazy power tools or expensive materials. You can basically whip this secret weapon up in under an hour and have your pantries detoxed and organized before dinnertime.

It’s also a project which is easy to customize to your unique space. No room next to the fridge but there’s room next to the microwave? Go for it. Find the space that’s going to be most convenient for you and customize the height, width, and number of shelves however you want. You could even paint or wallpaper the sliding shelf a fun color or design, if you wanted! We’re not going to stop you.

We’ve also seen versions of this project where the shelf is on a sliding track, rather than wheels. This has the same pull-out and store away functionality. In our humble opinion, in this cramped space between your fridge and your wall, casters are just an easier way to go. But if you’re all about sliding tracks, modify the project to your liking!

What do you think about this brilliant, secretive way to increase kitchen storage? Share your thoughts on this DIY in the comments section below.


· 2 pieces of 4-foot long, 6-inch wide boards
· 7 pieces of 2-foot long, 6-inch wide boards
· 4 ½-inch rods
· Wood glue
· Wood screws
· Drill
· Sandpaper or power sander
· 4 casters
· 4 foot x 2 foot pegboard or thin board for backing


1. Lay out the frame using the two 4-foot boards as the sides, and a 2-foot board as the top. Drill them into place.
2. Add the first three shelves about 7 inches apart. Then space the rest according to your needs. We created a storage bin at the bottom by drilling a 2-foot board across the front. This base is great for larger items like grains and potatoes.
3. Flip the shelves upside down and attach the backing.
4. Add casters to the four corners of the bottom.
5. Cut rods to size, and glue them in front of each shelf to keep things in place.
6. Slide your new pantry into place, and enjoy the extra space!