The time has come – not for Christmas, but for pulling together those last-minute Christmas presents you completely forgot to get. With the days ticking down, you want a gift that’s simple but still thoughtful and cute.

You may have a person or two on your list who isn’t that easy to shop for, or someone who will appreciate having a little extra dough this year, so why not just give cash? While you’re at it, why not do it in a creative way that will totally surprise the recipient?

That’s why this DIY idea is so brilliant. Instead of stick money in a card, sweeten things up by hiding it in a candy jar. Not everyone likes surprises, but we’ll bet when you hand these out someone will change their mind!

If you’re reading this and thinking about doing some next-day-delivery shopping at the same time, check out this video, brought to us by Craft of Giving, that offers an adorable last-minute Christmas solution perfect for anyone on your list.

Money Gift Candy Jar:


  • Bag of small candies
  • Jar with lid
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Gift wrap
  • Money money money


  1. Wrap Your Roll

    Wrap the outside of the toilet paper roll with wrapping paper and then pop the money into the roll.

  2. Set It Up

    Pour candy into the bottom part of the jar.

  3. Prop It and Top It Off

    Prop the roll up inside the jar and begin pouring candy around it until it’s covered, bottom to top.

Tie a gift tag around the mouth of the jar and you’re good to go! Watch the video closely to find out how to do this nice and neatly so you can trick your loved one into thinking they’re just getting candy.

If you’re on the fence about using wrapping paper so close to something edible, you can find colorful food-grade tissue paper online or at hobby stores, or aluminum foil too. You could also fold or roll the money bills and place them inside a tiny packet or sandwich bag.

While these are perfect for the kids in your life, grownups will also be happy to receive one of these instead of another pair of socks. You can also have a little fun by getting sneaky when it comes to finding out their favorite little candy. Skittles? M &M’s? Reese’s Pieces? Sour Patch Kids? Make it happen.

Just be sure to buy a jar that is large enough to fit the money roll and the candy you select. These are awesome Christmas gifts, but turning these out for other occasions like birthdays and graduations is an equally awesome treat! Don’t forget to click on the vid for all the steps.


How would you feel if you received a gift like this? Do you think you’ll make a few of these candy jars for the holidays? Who’s on your list for this one?