Ladies, many of us have fooled ourselves into believing we’ve bought a bra in the right size. At times, we have also fooled ourselves into thinking the ones we own are the perfect fit.

On top of that, many women assume that putting on a bra is fairly rudimentary. But there’s more to it than that, where wearing your bra properly will provide much more than basic coverage. Using the “scoop and swoop technique”, you can get good lift, good support, and some good comfort. And yes, it’s really a thing.

Unless you’ve gotten a professional fitting or have had no changes in your size, then it might be time for a proper bra to boob checkup. As this video from Curvy Kate demonstrates, you can do the scoop and swoop with your own two hands. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size A or a size HH, this method will work for you.

What it does: eliminates armpit spillage, smooths out the cups, and keeps the middle part of the bra flat. Your breasts are positioned in the bra to see if your bra is too small, too large, needs an adjustment, or fits just right.

We’ll outline a handful of steps below, but words don’t quite do this justice so be sure to watch the video for a hands-on demo.

Scoop and Swoop Technique:


  1.  Get Dressed

    Put on a bra.

  2.  Scoop and Swoop

    Place one hand on the side of your breast, moving the tissue from the back (near the armpit) into the cup. Note that it’s easier to use the right hand for the left side and the left hand for the right side.

  3.  Check It

    Check to see if the breast is sitting fully in the cup.

The video shows that this woman’s bra is too small due to overflow in the top of the cup. The ill-fitting bra is then swapped out for a larger one, and she performs the scoop and swoop again. This time the bra fits properly. Watch to see the comparison!

Image of bad bra fitting.Curvy Kate

Once you try the scoop and swoop on yourself, here’s what you want to look out for in terms of fit:

  • Too small – Overflow of breast on tops or sides of cups, middle of bra is not sitting flat against chest, underwire is uncomfortable
  • Too large – Gaps in the cups, sliding straps, band rides up the back
  • Perfect/Just right – Full and smooth coverage in the cups, band stays in place, center of bra lies flatly against rib cage
  • Improper fit – Breasts look squished into bra and/or are being smashed downwards, underwire sits on top of breast or digs into skin

You may discover that you need to go up or down in bra size, or that your bra fits better than it did before. Pros recommend that every bra-wearing gal use this technique each time you put on a bra for great support and great positioning.

Have you ever heard of the scoop and swoop technique? Do you plan on trying this to see what a difference it makes?