This Kid Has the Funniest Reaction to a Scary Story

It’s Halloween time, which means it’s time for all things scary. Spooky costumes, ghostly movies, and of course, scary stories. The scarier the better, right? Well…maybe not in every case. When this mom reads her son a spooky story, he listens in total rapture — until she gets to the scary climax of the story!

Close to Halloween, this mom is reading her son a few scary stories. In fact, she’s reading him THE scary stories, right out of the Bible of scary stories: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. That book gave me a few jumps as a kid, truth be told!

Mom is reading the book in a super scary voice and her son is listening, totally caught up. Slowly but surely, she’s getting to the climax of the story where the scary character asks the young boy in the story, “Can you look like that when you are dead?”

Cover of a classic scary stories book.Opinionated
She perfectly reads the creepy story, in a voice that has even sucked us in, and then turns to her son and yells! A quick “Ahh!” is all it takes to get the most hilarious and immediate reaction from the little boy listening.

Quickly and suddenly, the little boy lets out a horrified shriek. With a look of terror on his face, and his mouth wide open like Munch’s “The Scream,” the little boy emits the longest scream we’ve ever heard! It goes on for a comedic amount of time, making his mom understandably crack up.

Mom admits that this is a scary story and asks him if she should stop reading. The little boy has stopped screaming at this point, but he still has this wide-eyed look of fear and excitement on his face.

Suddenly, so quickly, he goes, “Do it!” He’s begging his mom to go on with the story! This immediate reaction makes his mom laugh even harder than the first time.

Between his great reaction and the fact that his brother is standing behind him listening to the story without so much as a gasp, this entire video is hilarious! We’ve watched it at least four times in a row and we’re not ashamed to admit it’s made us smile.

Did this kids’ hilarious reaction make your day like it made ours? Share your thoughts on this scary story scream in the comments section below.