Scammer Accidentally Calls Off Duty Cop and Gets a Response He Never Expected

We’re all guilty of making a prank call when we’re younger. You know, calling your crush when you were in middle school, or even a bully to get revenge.

But as we get older, we realize how obvious prank calls can be, especially when it comes to phone scammers. Most people can tell when something seems fishy—e.g., a random stranger is telling you that you owe thousands of dollars and if you don’t pay it, you’re going to be arrested.

So was the case for one Canadian man who received a strange phone call. This man named Dave actually works as a police officer full time, and has gotten numerous complaints about a particular phone scam and spends a good part of his week at work warning people about similar ploys.

It’s called the CRA scam. This is when you get a call from the CRA, or the Canada Revenue Agency, which is the Canadian equivalent of the IRS. You get a voicemail from “an officer” telling you that you’ve committed tax fraud and have failed to declare income. They’ll also probably mention that the issue has been reported to the local police and that an arrest warrant has been issued.

They usually ask for the money through iTunes, which is internationally recognized. And unfortunately, because these scammers usually pry on the elderly and other more naïve groups, many times people can fall for this scam in fear that they really owe the government money.

But Dave wasn’t one of those people. Dave knew exactly what was going on and decided to have a little fun with these scammers and make the joke on them. When he called “the CRA” back after getting his voicemail, he was told that he owed $2,399 and that the local sheriff of the Millbrook Royal Canadian Mounted Police was coming to arrest him.

Image of police officerWildCreatures

Now remember, Dave works as a police officer, so he knows how arrests would actually work if this was a real thing. In fact, the Sheriff of Millbrook, or even the Millbrook RCMP, wouldn’t come to arrest him—the call, in reality, would’ve come through the dispatchers of the Ontario Provincial Police, and one of Dave’s coworkers would have been sent to make the arrest.

The fake officer on the other end was pretty stern about this, but Dave wasn’t shaking in his boots at all. He pretended he was though, pleading with the fraudster, asking if he’d be able to give the police his side of the story before they made the arrest. He was told no, they were just going to handcuff him and that would be that.

Knowing for 100% fact that no one was coming, Dave reaches for his stapler on his desk, and what he does with it is truly hilarious.

To check out the full call and to see what happens next, check out the video below.

Have you ever gotten a phone scam like this before? Would you ever have fun with it like Dave did, or hang up the phone?