15 People Share the Best Sayings From Their Moms and Dads

There are probably certain phrases and sayings that you distinctly remember your parents or grandparents saying over and over again. Maybe it was something funny. Maybe it was something meaningful. Whatever it was, if they said it often enough, it was sure to stick with you.

We all have things that we tend to say over and over again. These quirks are a part of our personality. For you, it might be a certain quote from a movie or possibly even a saying that one of your parents used to say to you.

Reddit user Popples86 asked the community, “What’s a saying that your mom or dad used to say all the time?” 

Many of the responses to this question are silly sayings from parents, but some of them are quite profound. Scroll down to discover some of our favorites.

  1. Baloney

    Reddit user Back2Bach shares a quote from dad:

    When someone was about to say something stupid, Dad would say:”Pass the bread, here comes the baloney.”

  2. Turtles

    Reddit user Bangbangsmashsmash’s dad had a sense of humor:

    I am the youngest of five kids, so going Anywhere was slow and tedious. My dad used to say, “and away we go, like a herd of turtles. “

  3. Putting It Mildly

    A dad quote shared by Col_Walter_Tits:

    “Well thats not ideal.” My father whenever something pretty bad happened.

  4. Mixed Sayings

    Diamond_Hydra wrote:

    My dad would say, “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice”

  5. On the Way to School

    14kanthropologist shared:

    My dad used to drive me to school every day in high school and when I got out of the car he would say “Have a good day, learn something new, and don’t waste the [Insert County] tax payers money!!” I rolled my eyes every time he said it for a few years but looking back it makes me smile.

  6. Plenty

    Mom’s sarcasm confused Reddit user K4TH4RS1S:

    My mom always used “plenty” in a sarcastic way, so for quite some time (like until turning 7 or something) I thought “plenty” meant very little of anything. Like when I only left one spoonful of ice cream inside the container, she’d say, “Wow, plenty left!” This really confused me when my teacher told the class before a school trip “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of things to do” – like b*tch why you smiling about that?!

  7. A Snake

    Written by thegoodestdoggomom:

    “If it was a snake, it would have bit ya”My mom’s favorite (and very Texan) phrase for when my dad and I couldn’t find something, but it was where we were looking or in plain sight the whole time.

  8. “The Milk Man”

    Shared by Reddit user SLOPPYMYSECONDS:

    When I’d do something dumb my dad would say “I swear you’re the milk man’s kid”. Now I have him in my phone as “the milk man”.

  9. “Where Are We Going?”

    MidnightLight12 wrote:

    On a car trip, whenever I didn’t know where we were going and I would ask “where are we going”, my dad would always say “crazy”.

  10. Don’t Say “It’s Okay.”

    Shared by Reddit user tatorstares:

    My mom always said, “if someone apologizes don’t just say ‘it’s okay’. That’s saying that what they did was okay. If it was okay, they wouldn’t be apologizing.” She would always make me say “I accept your apology” and I hated it, but now I fully understand it. And I use it to this day.

  11. An Interesting Saying

    Shared by RealBlazeStorm:

    I know where your house lives

  12. A Deaf Family

    Written by mrsfran:

    At dinner: “Don’t talk with your hands full”. We’re a Deaf family, holding cutlery while signing is a bad idea.

  13. Living = Hurting

    A saying Reddit user blastedin’s mom used to say:

    My mom, if I’d complain something hurt: a person alive always has something hurting.

  14. Your Head

    Written by starshock990:

    My dad uses the advice “Use your head for more than a hat rack.” to this day.

  15. Same Joke Over and Over

    Written by Reddit user Scoob1978:

    My Dad: “How is school going”Me: “Fine” My Dad: “Really? I thought it doesn’t go anywhere? Does it have wheels?” Same joke, every. month.