Risk taking is not for everyone. What qualifies as a big risk versus a small one is different for each of us. That includes changes to our careers, traveling, or altering our appearance.

For Christine, going out on a limb was a no brainer after she read The Makeover Guy’s book, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.  Christopher Hopkins has a talent for showing women how to tap into their own beauty.

Christine traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina to Christopher’s reVamp! salon in Minnesota. Armed with an “I CAN DO THIS!” attitude, she set herself up for one of his fab makeovers. One of her special reasons for treating herself was her upcoming 60th birthday. We can get on board with that!

Seated upon Christopher’s wonderful throne with her crown of blonde locks, Christine is given three choices: brown, red, or blonde. What do you think? Go big or go home, right? Trusting the man, the master, The Makeover Guy, Christine opts for a sizzling red. Oh yes, going big and vampy it is!

As the colorist dyes Christine’s hair, she explains that her coarse texture requires a stronger dose of coloring so it won’t fade. Coarse hair can be more resistant to taking color, so it’s advisable to use a darker, stronger shade to ensure that it provides coverage and gives the hair some sheen.

You’ll hear Christopher remark how difficult it is to achieve that shade of red on hair like Christine’s. But wow, it sure does look magnificent on her! Even he’s impressed by how nicely the color turned out. This makeover isn’t slowing down. A turn in the makeup chair highlights Christine’s eyes with lashes and eyeliner.

By the time Christopher is finished styling her hair, she’s amazed with the result. The haircut and color complement Christine’s face so well that it seems she may have aged backwards. No way she’s knocking on 60. Like she says in the video, it’s magic!

You’ve got to click on the video to see Christine’s big reveal, but pay attention to the care that was given to every fine detail for her makeover. Ahem, eyebrows, eyes, and hair. There’s no denying that her risk paid off, 401K be darned!

She also thanks the team at the salon, mentioning how special everyone made her feel by showering her with kindness throughout the whole process. Like so many other happy clients, Christine feels like the outside finally matches who she is inside. Fiery, spunky, and sassy. We love it. And what a gift it is to be able to do that for someone.

Christine’s big change all started with reading a book, so it seems Christopher is on to something. She decided to revive her beauty, hopped on a plane, and went back home feeling amazing. That risk doesn’t seem so hard to take, does it?

What do you think of Christine’s bold risk of going red? Would you try something that different from what you’re accustomed to?