Yes, you’ve been making your sandwiches incorrectly this entire time— OR, you’ve known this trick for a while and haven’t shared it with the rest of us! Either way, this tip is one of those ones that seem super obvious as soon as it’s pointed out, but makes such a big difference and tackles one of those persistent small problems we always thought we’d have to just live with quietly: not enough meat on our sandwiches. You know what we mean. You bite into a sandwich you’ve been looking forward to all day, and all you get is a bite of bread. Now, bread’s great and all, but when you’re expecting a sandwich, you want that filling. Luckily, there’s a crazy simple and genius way to ensure that you get a bit of meat in every single bite. Just let the Crazy Russian Hacker show us how, then we’ll break it down for you.

You can’t believe you haven’t tried this trick before, can you? (And if you knew this one already— seriously, why didn’t you tell us?!) Let’s break this down step by step, just in case.

  1. Take your bread and two pieces of the meat you’ve chosen for your sandwich. You can also do this trick with cheese!
    2 Pieces Of MeatCrazyRussianHacker
  2. Cut each piece of meat into two equal pieces.
    Slicing sandwich bologna to cover all parts of breadCrazyRussianHacker
  3. Arrange the slices so that they overlap. Place two so that the straight cut sides align evenly with two opposite sides of the bread. Place the next two slices on top of those, perpendicularly, with their straight cut sides aligning evenly with the other two opposite sides of the bread.

That’s it! With just this one simple trick, we guarantee that we’re getting meat and other sandwich fillings in every bite. Better sandwiches than ever!

So tell us— have you ever tried this trick before? If you knew it, why didn’t you tell us about it?! Do you think you’ll try making your sandwiches this way from now? What basic sandwich fillings are your favorites?