Accidentally dialing the wrong number can be an annoying situation for both the one on the calling end and the one on the receiving end. Oftentimes, it elicits a rude response–or even an immediate “hang-up.” But, every once in a great while, something really incredible emerges out of the common mistake. Take the case of two Nebraska Jimmy John’s employees, for instance. Instead of hanging up upon receiving a misdial, they stepped up to the plate and rushed to a stranger’s side.

It all happened on October 20th, when Lisa Nagengast had just landed in her home of Tampa and was desperately attempting to get in touch with her brother’s social worker. You see, her brother, 48-year-old Army veteran, Greg Holeman, had recently undergone spine surgery and she had flown out to assist him in his recovery. But, right after landing back home, she received word from him that he was experiencing severe leg pain and couldn’t walk.

Desperate for help, Nagengast dialed who she *thought* was her brother’s social worker. She then hurriedly explained the situation, saying that he needed to get to a hospital right away, but was concerned that his veterans benefits might not cover an ambulance ride.

As you’ve already surmised, the person with whom she was speaking was not her brother’s social worker–it was actually a Jimmy John’s employee. Apparently, in her haste, Nagengast had accidentally dialed the sandwich chain instead. Amazingly, though, the employee, night-shift manager, Jason Voss, remained calm and simply asked her for more information. Because Voss didn’t want to leave his post, he directed one of his drivers, Zach Hillmer, to go and pick up Holeman.

Eventually, the line of questioning made Nagengast realize that she wasn’t speaking to a social worker, but she was desperate to get her brother to a hospital, so she gave them the information.

In a now-viral Facebook post, the sister explains just how grateful she is for having made the fortuitous misdial:

Yeah, I had called Jimmy John’s restaurant. Most places would have probably said something like “Gee I’m really sorry about your brother, but we can’t help you.” But Zack, the delivery driver at Jimmy John’s picked up my brother and took him to the emergency room to get the medical attention he needed.

After penning her Facebook post, news outlets from across the world began to get in touch with the folks from this amazing story. One of them was Sam Nixon, the owner, and operator of Columbus’ Jimmy John’s. “I’m awfully proud of those guys,” Nixon said. “What they did, I could not teach.”

How’s that for heartwarming?

And, to sweeten the deal even more, Nagengast also made a recent update to her post stating that her brother is “okay” and is recovering back at home.

Hooray for these incredibly thoughtful and fast-thinking Jimmy John’s employees. We’re so happy to hear that they are getting the recognition that they deserve!

We’d love to hear your take on this story. Are you surprised that the employees helped the stranger from the misdial? Have you ever helped anyone in a similar way? Or, has anyone ever helped you?