Adam Sandler is known for his silly and sometimes outrageous comedies that you either love or hate. If you’ve seen any of his films, then you might also know the guy can carry a tune.

But did you know that he basically has a side career as a singer? Not a wedding singer. Not a band singer. He plays the guitar and sings during live events, records albums, and sometimes performs during stand-up shows. Most of the time the songs are written with his brand of slapstick, out-there comedy, but every so often he gets somewhat serious.

In Sandler’s latest Netflix gig entitled 100% Fresh, he closed out the comedy special with a musical tribute to the late Chris Farley. If you remember, Farley was on Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s when both he and Sandler were getting their careers off the ground.

Tuesday marked 21 years since Farley’s passing from a drug overdose, and many celebs posted their thoughts on social media about the late comedian. His friends – including Sandler – have had no shortage of sweet things to say about him. Sandler’s song is considered one of the highlights from the Netflix special.

When he opens the song, audience members aren’t sure what to expect, but when he launches into the first couple lines singing that it was about his friend, Chris Farley, everyone starts cheering. From there, Sandler takes off with lines that reference some of Farley’s most well-known sketches like Lunch Lady, the Gap Girls, and the Super Fans.

In the background, you’ll see a montage of clips from Farley’s life, his movies, and moments from his famous SNL skits like the Chippendale’s one with Patrick Swayze. Some fans could hardly contain their tears when watching the touching video.

Netflix decided to post the song as a standalone clip on YouTube so viewers could see the endearing tribute whether they have an account or not. Throughout the performance, Sandler talks about the good times he shared with his buddy and how much his friendship meant to him and others like David Spade.

Perhaps one of the saddest lines is one where he describes the last time he saw Farley alive, which was at Tim Meadows’s wedding, and then mentions that last time he saw him was at his funeral.

It is clear that many remember Farley for his energetic style and funny antics as seen in Tommy Boy, and maybe like Adam, there are people who would have loved to see him play a role in the Grown Ups movies.

We know not everyone is a fan of Adam Sandler as an actor, nor is everyone a fan of his music to the point where they’ll create a Spotify playlist of it. But you can check out this heartfelt performance and still appreciate how he celebrates his friend. Hit play.

Were you a fan of Chris Farley? What do you think of Sandler’s musical tribute? Are you into any of his other songs?