Samsung Is Now Selling a 219-Inch TV, So You Never Have to Go to the Movies Again

Can you believe that once upon a time TV didn’t exist? In our modern technological world, it’s hard to imagine.

The way we watch TV has changed so much over the years. Gone are the days of having to tune into your favorite show at a certain time. With Netflix, binge watching a whole season or series is a thing, and even when that’s not an option, features like on demand and DVRs make catching up on pretty much any show we like easier than ever before.

Televisions themselves have come a long way since their invention too. The small screens that were once considered large are tiny in comparison to what you probably have in your home right now. But what you have in your home right now is tiny in comparison to what Samsung is showing off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Imagine having a TV so big that it might as well be a movie screen. We’re talking 219 inches. That’s more than 18 feet. It’s so big that maker Samsung is actually calling it “The Wall.” This TV may not fit as nicely in your living room as what you’re used to, but it certainly would eliminate the need to go to the movies. Heck, your entire living room would be like a home theater.

You might think that a 219-inch TV would take an astronomical amount of energy to run, but you’d be wrong. Samsung is using a new technology called micro LED for these TVs. This technology makes the image brighter than ever while using less energy than the TV you have in your home right now.

If the idea of a home theater is a little beyond what you’d like to see in your home, no worries. Samsung has also created a smaller 75-inch version of this TV. While that’s still a decently large size, it won’t exactly take up an entire wall. You’ll actually be able to customize the size of your TV because these 75-inch TVs will be able to snap together to create a bigger screen.

Samsung isn’t the only brand showing off new 75-inch TVs. Sony, Hi-Sense and TCL also have TVs of this size on display at CES.

While a 75-inch TV is all well and good, it’s The Wall that’s making a statement.

Would you want a 219-inch TV in your home? What would you watch on it?