Runaway Cow Blocks Traffic Crossing the Road On His Way to Chick-fil-A

It seems like all of that campaigning that Chick-fil-A has done over the years is paying off in major ways. Now, even the cows want to eat more “chiken.”

A cow in Indiana escaped and was loose on an Indiana roadway, causing a hot pursuit by local police. Footage of the slow-speed chase was caught by a resident and posted on Facebook. The cow crossed Campus Parkway in Noblesville, Indiana and then sought safe haven at a nearby Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Word must have gotten around that this is the place where cows rule. The Noblesville Police Department shared a funny post on Facebook about the incident, calling for the public to share their shots of the “cowboy adventure.”

NPD was able to “run with the bulls” last night. We were chasing this running wild bovine all over the east side. If you got a picture of our cowboy adventure comment with it! We love to see it.

Posted by Noblesville Police Department on Sunday, March 17, 2019

They also stated that it escaped from a transport trailer on Saturday evening and the owner responsible needed assistance in capturing it. It took about an hour to corral her and the cow was safely returned. Since the video shot by local Athena Hopkins went viral, people want to see the roaming heifer in a real Chick-fil-A commercial.

This cow isn’t the first to go rogue, and some of the most recent stories have had happy endings for the bovines. One escaped a slaughterhouse and swam away to an island refuge. That cow’s owner gave up on trying to catch it. Others are joining herds of bison or deer.

Check out the video of this fast food cow fan and commence to dropping jokes as you watch the scene unfold. You can’t help but root for it.

Have you ever witnessed an animal escape on the streets? What’s your reaction to this video? Are you craving Chick-fil-A now too?