Here’s How to Use Rubber Bands in 6 Brilliant Ways!

Though rubber bands are certainly flexible, we bet that you generally do not think of them as a versatile item. Nevertheless, it’s important that you don’t overlook the brilliance of these trusty little fasteners. Our friends at PSYMedia prove that they’re not just for tying up hair or bundling flowers—these guys can be used to solve many different practical household challenges. Let’s give them a try!

  1. The “Handy” Eraser

    Say goodbye to carrying around a bulky eraser in your pencil pouch. Instead, reach for a couple of rubber bands!

    All you need to do is slip them over your dominant index finger, loop around a couple of times, and wipe the pencil marks away! For this hack, any type of rubber band will do, but we think that the thicker ones work best. Erase away!

  2. The Jar Opener

    If your upper-body strength isn’t the best, then you know how frustrating it can be to open up stubborn jars, especially if said jars contain delicious food! Sometimes, no matter how hard you pull and twist, they seem completely impossible to open!

    If you’re stuck in this annoying situation, don’t fret! Just grab a couple of skinny rubber bands and wrap them around the jar’s lid. Once you go in to open it again, you should notice that the jar unfastens with ease. Awesome!

  3. The Pot Top Organizer

    Sometimes it can be difficult to keep all of your cooking pots with the correct corresponding tops. We all know that there is nothing more annoying than rooting around in your cupboard for one of these when you’re simply trying to boil water!

    So to ensure that these bad boys never get lost again, just place the top on the rim of the pot, and wrap a heavy duty rubber band around the lid and handle—this will keep the top securely in place. Nifty!

  4. The Painter’s “Pal”

    If you are someone who loves to work with paint, then this smart hack is definitely for you! Avoid that maddening drip that comes from dipping your paintbrush; simply secure a rubber band around the top of your paint can.

    Once it’s in place, tap the color from the brush onto the band before moving on to your wall or canvas. This hack works well for both small pots and large cans of paint, you just may need to adjust your rubber band depending on what type of container you’re working with.

    If you are using a large paint can, we prefer using the thicker, “industrial” bands. For the small pots, (like the one shown in the video below) a skinny band works best.

There are several more helpful tips on using rubber bands in PSYmedia’s video below. Click to learn how to keep your ribbons from unspooling, as well as how to make a makeshift bookmark. Something tells us that you’ll be keeping a rubber band or two in your pocket from now on!

What do you think of these rubber band hacks? Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any special ways that you use rubber bands? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!