What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever had to do while cooking? There are probably a lot of contenders for that dubious title, but for our money, one of the scariest and most dangerous things we’ve ever done in the kitchen is lifting a small container out of hot water with tongs. Whether you’re canning or cooking “bain marie” – like when you make crème brûlée or cheesecake – sometimes you just have to surround your dishes with super-hot water for even heating. The part where you have to lift them out with slippery tongs, though— nerve-wracking. Thank goodness Alton Brown is here with a smart solution for better kitchen safety. Watch, learn, and be careful out there!

Learn How to Give Your Tongs a Better Grip

Rubber Bands + Tongs = Culinary Kung Fu Grip

Posted by Alton Brown on Saturday, August 22, 2015