Are you nosey about the royal family’s routines? Whether you’re royal-obsessed or royal-indifferent, you might wonder about what goes on their -day-today lives. Well, there’s a lot that doesn’t.

There’s a perception that the public treats England’s famous family with a sense of awe, but there are also expectations surrounding their social behavior. And those expectations are laid out in-house. In this video, Marie Claire highlights a handful of royal protocols to satisfy your curiosity – and maybe teach you a thing or two.

Be prepared. Some of these rules will sound downright strange or feel like decrees, but keep in mind that many of them have been in effect for a couple of centuries or so. Centuries.

  1. No PDA

    royal couple rulesMarie Claire

    Those of you enamored with the love lives of the princes have no doubt wondered what was up in the PDA department. Simple: it’s not allowed. In keeping with stately decorum, members of the royal family are not allowed to show public displays of affection. If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that you haven’t seen any hand-holding or smooching in public. Not for your eyes!

  2. Pack a Funeral Outfit

    When traveling, each family member is required to have an all-black outfit on deck in case of a sudden death.

  3. No Politics

    That means no one can vote or engage in political affairs, let alone express their political views in a public forum. The family cannot run for or hold a political office due to fear of influencing or dividing the public in an unfair manner.

  4. Finish Meals on Cue

    When the Queen has finished her meal, that’s a cue that everyone else has finished too. After she’s taken her last bite of food, no else can have another bite. Dating back centuries, it’s considered worse than bad manners to keep nibbling once Her Majesty is done. You’re not alone if you’re wondering if anyone sneaks off to the kitchen after hours!

  5. Tiaras for Wives

    Children love to play dress-up with tiaras, but in the royal family, they are reserved for married women only. You can spot a single lady by the absence of the accessory.

    Another interesting tidbit is that if ladies are attending a formal indoor event after 6:00 p.m., they trade their hats in for their tiaras which they are reserved for evening wear. Additionally, the modern way to wear the bejeweled headpieces are at a 45-degree angle on the head, instead of horizontally.

To learn more about Britain’s ruling monarchy and their various codes of conduct, click below. You may be surprised to hear that they can’t do whatever they want with the snap of their fingers, even when it comes to Monopoly.

These are just ten examples of how the royal family must behave. Another one not listed here? No two heirs to the throne can travel together at the same time. Makes sense! In recent times, tradition has given way to modern influences, but it wouldn’t be surprising if some of these restrictions stay the same for the next century.

What are your thoughts on the royal family’s rules? If you were a royal, which of these would you have a hard time following?