We here in the United States won’t ever really understand the magnitude of an event like a royal wedding. The closest we probably come is for presidential inaugurations, sports championships’ city celebrations, and the occasional beloved celebrity funeral.

We don’t always know the date in advance, but when we find out, we try to plan for it. We know it could mean missed TV shows, horrible traffic, or a jolly good time. But only the Brits know what it’s like to experience the impact of a royal wedding on their city, schedule, and lives.

Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle is already making an impact and the date just got put on the books. It’s officially May 19, 2018, folks! While many people are giddy about seeing the duo get hitched, many others are not so thrilled.

Why? Because that is the same day as the FA Cup Final, a major English football event. The FA Cup is important to contenders and fans alike, as it’s the oldest soccer tournament in the world. Hundreds of teams – both professional and amateur – participate, and dedicated fans gather in the stands, pubs, or in front of their TV sets to take in the action.

The event is a big deal, just like the Super Bowl in the U.S. With the royal wedding being on the same day this year, some are wondering if television coverage of the FA Cup will be bumped to another channel or disrupted in some other way.

Some Twitterzens let their feelings be known:

“FA President William Windsor will have to send apologies to his brother when the Markle wedding clashes with the FA Cup Final. Harry clearly not confident this season.”

“This is going to be a tough day in our household and control of the tv remote –”

How one wedding could result in so many divorces. #RoyalWedding #FACupFinal

Disappointed fans got an extra scoop of disappointment upon learning the wedding is on a Saturday, which means it won’t be a bank holiday. Usually, royal weddings are held on weekdays, and a bank holiday would give some workers the day off.

In addition, there’s another teensy conflict: Prince William is the president of the Football Association. Part of his duties entail presenting the winner with a trophy at the annual event, but it is not yet clear whether he will be in attendance.

As for the Football Association itself, they’re on board for a fun-filled day:

“Saturday 19 May promises to be a wonderful day with such a special royal occasion being followed by English football’s showpiece event, the Emirates FA Cup Final. With millions coming together to watch both events at home and around the world, it will be a day to celebrate.”

To learn why the royal family made plans for the wedding on this date, click on the video below. It’s possible the two events won’t clash on television, as royal weddings take place in the morning, and the Cup isn’t scheduled to start until 5:30 that evening. Careful planning will surely have all this sorted out by the time May rolls around.

Are you a fan of the FA Cup who is unhappy with this decision? What are your thoughts on this royal wedding date and everything surrounding it? Do you think it should be changed?


USA Today