Here’s How Much The Royal Wedding Cost

The average wedding in the UK costs around $36,000— a pretty high price considering it’s really just one day in a couple’s life!

Yeah, we’re old-school, but we’d much rather drop a modest chunk of change on a DIY wedding and save up the rest of the cash for an epic vacation. Maybe that’s just us…

But, personal preferences aside, one couple in jolly old England has managed to surpass the national wedding cost average by not just a little bit, but by quite a lot!

Can you guess who the couple was?

That’s right— it was Prince William and his gorgeous bride Duchess Kate. In 2011, a mind-boggling $34 million was spent on the couple’s iconic Westminster Abbey ceremony.

But, believe it or not, Prince William’s little brother beat him out in terms of wedding cost— to the tune of $12 million more, to be exact!

Yep, new insider information on the Royal Family states that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cost a whopping $46 MILLION. We’ll let you sit with that for a second…

While we’re not entirely sure what your exact thoughts are on the crazy high number, we’d be willing to bet that they fall into one of three categories: 1) how on God’s earth can someone possibly spend that amount of money in one day? 2) it makes me feel less guilty about how much I spent on my wedding! and 3) just think about all of the good that $46 million could be used for instead.

We, too, had one–or all!– of those thoughts when we first heard the high number, but it’s important to remember that the Royal Family couldn’t just simply have a wedding; it’s a worldwide event that calls for some of the most specialized security strategies in the world to safely pull off.

Aside from the Royal Family, the invited guests also included some of the most important and powerful people on the face of the planet, all of whom require the best security possible at all times. The coordination that this requires is incredibly complex and, of course, very costly.

So, it’s not just the dress and flowers— though those are super expensive, too! The high price tag mostly had to do with keeping the bride and groom, guests, and the well-wishing public as safe as possible. Makes sense, right?

Now that you know about the mind-blowing cost of the royal wedding, it’s time for you to see the breakdown of the astounding budget. Just watch the video below to get the full scoop for yourself. It might have seemed like a high price to you at first, but once you figure in the logistics, we have a feeling that the cool $45 million is going to suddenly feel very warranted!

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the royal wedding cost! Are you surprised by the high amount? Do you think that much security is necessary? How much money did you spend on your wedding?