Sometimes, the other loveable people that live in my house who share chore responsibilities are absentminded. When it’s their turn to do the dishes, they get washed, dried, and put away.

That third step is where the absentmindedness comes in. Items don’t always get returned to their proper place. One of those items is our rolling pin. Am I the only one who knows where that goes? I’ll have to hunt it down or go into detective mode and ask, “When was the last time you saw it?” Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Can you relate? If so, then you know that coming up with a substitute is sometimes necessary. I know, you hate doing that too. Especially when you know good and well that you have a doggone rolling pin. But that cookie dough needs your attention, your pizza dough wants to stretch, and that pie crust won’t make itself either.

When in need, you’ve got to hack it. This video by Stratosphere shows you what to do when you can’t find your rolling pin, or if you simply don’t have one. All it takes is a wine bottle. A cold wine bottle, that is.

A wine bottle that’s been chilling in your fridge is the perfect makeshift rolling pin due to its size and shape. When the bottle is cold, it will keep the dough cool and therefore prevent it from getting gooey and sticky.

In this video, the work surface is prepped, some pastry dough is laid out, and a bottle is used to roll it. Simple! If you’re concerned about germs on the surface of the bottle, you can scrub the outside down before using it on your food.

Another clean-bottle option is to wipe off any condensation and then cover the bottle with some plastic wrap. You can also cover your food item with parchment or wax paper to keep it from touching the bottle directly.

For those of you who have empty, room temperature bottles in the house, get them to chill by sticking them in the refrigerator ahead of time. In a pinch, you can also fill one up with crushed ice or cold water to make it cold. Either cap it or let it sit for a few minutes before dumping out the water and rolling your dough. Or, just use it as is!

Click on this short clip below to get an idea of how to use a bottle rolling pin, and pay special attention to the last ten seconds. Don’t abandon your plans for a scrumptious pie or batch of biscuits. This is the perfect backup for your baking endeavors that call for this baking tool, and it doesn’t matter if the bottle is full or not.

Any smooth bottle of alcohol will do, so feel free to take your vodka out of the freezer or grab a bottle of rum. When it’s time to serve up your food, no one will know how your DIY gadget made things happen.

Have you used this hack before? What other cooking tools do you substitute when in the kitchen?