At age 71, Great Britain’s newest knight, Rod Stewart is still a rock and roll legend. Stewart has more iconic rock hits than we could name, although my personal favorite is “Fooled Around and Fell in Love.” In fact, Stewart and his band are still touring, after decades of ruling the music industry. And who is Stewart’s opening act for his tour? None other than The Sisterhood, a country band comprised of Alyssa and Michael Bonagura, and Ruby Stewart. You guessed it, Ruby is Rod’s daughter!

Dad and daughter have been hitting the open road for months at a time, playing for audiences not just in the U.K. but all over the world. We think it’s amazing that he gave his daughter and her newly formed band the opportunity to play their very first tour! It’s an honor we’re sure so many bands would kill for.

Ruby started joining her father on stage when she was 15 and would often join him to perform “Forever Young” as a duet, a song Stewart released the year after she was born. This was years before The Sisterhood was created, so we guess Ruby has just always had her dad’s love and talent for music.

But the big question is – is Ruby Stewart any good? And the answer, to no one’s surprise, is yes! During her first tour with The Sisterhood, Ruby joined her dad on stage to do another rendition of their favorite tune, “Forever Young.” Luckily, this duet was taped so we could all witness the fantastic number.

Rod and Ruby Stewart sing a duet together.
Ruby certainly has her father’s talent in her blood, because she has an absolutely beautiful voice. She has a great country twang in her tone (good thing her band is a country band!) and has fantastic control of her gorgeous voice.

It looks like the father daughter pair have an amazing time performing with one another! You can tell they’ve done this song a million times over; they connect with each other fabulously (that could have something to do with their being related) and their harmonies are very tight. They both have a great energy as well, which I’m sure is only magnified by their happiness of performing with one another.

On top of her amazing voice and presence Ruby Stewart is also incredibly gorgeous. When she’s not following in dad’s footsteps performing with The Sisterhood, Ruby is following in model mom Kelly Emberg’s footsteps with her blossoming career as a model. She has been seen in campaigns for Just Cavalli, Karen Walker, and Laura Ashley.

The woman can seriously do it all.

If anyone is confused about the origins of this song, “Forever Young,” let it be known that Stewart’s 1988 song is a cover. The original song was written and performed by Bob Dylan in 1973. Stewart released his famous cover after Ruby was born, after feeling inspired by the lyrics following the birth of his second oldest child.

Stewart has seven other kids besides Ruby, not all with her mother Kelly. Kids Kim and Sean were with Stewart’s first wife, Alana. Renee and Liam were with wife Rachel and with his current wife, Penny, Stewart had Alastair and Aiden. Ruby was the only child born of his second wife, Kelly.

It would seem, out of his eight kids, that he and Ruby share a special bond! It’s one we’re sure their music strengthens every time they perform together.

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