Never Wonder If That Watermelon Is Ripe Again. Just Use These 3 Tricks!

Watermelon season is back in full swing! When you go to the store to get your family their favorite summertime fruit, don’t struggle to figure out which melons are ripe. It can be difficult to tell with watermelon’s hard exterior, but there are tricks that instantly let you know if the watermelon is ready to eat. Watch the video below and learn these three tricks for yourself!

Tip 1: The first giveaway is how the watermelon feels when you pick it up. This grocer says it should feel “heavy for its size,” which basically means that it should be a little heavier than expected (even if it’s a smaller melon) when you pick it up.

Tip 2: The next thing to do is to knock on the watermelon…as weird as that might look in the store! There are two types of sounds you could hear: a heavy sort of thud and an hollow, echo-y sound. If the watermelon is ripe, you’ll hear a hollow knocking rather than a heavy thud.

Tip 3: Check out the “belly” of the watermelon, a.k.a. the bottom where it sits on the ground before harvest. There should be a yellow spot – but how big that spot is will determine the ripeness of the fruit. The smaller the yellow spot the better, in this case!

We hope you use this tips to help you choose the best watermelons possible! It is going to be one delicious summer.

Do you use any hacks to check if a watermelon is ripe or not? Share them in the comments section below.