Let’s dive deep into one of those things that we probably should have mastered when we were kids, but still makes us scratch our heads—cleaning our windows! I find myself scouring the aisles of my local grocery store every few months, looking for a better spot-free glass cleaning alternative. Fortunately, we are going to learn from an EXPERT window cleaner today.

Our host for this helpful video is Zack from Zack’s Glass Cleaners, a young, strapping specialist in all things squeegee-related. Just look at the passion in this young lad’s eyes—it’s easy to tell that he takes his job very seriously.

Zack stands and smiles next to clean windowMatthew Garner
At the top of the video, the window cleaner says the two words that are on everyone’s minds when on the subject of window cleaning: “spotless” and “streak-free.” That’s basically all that we want to achieve when it comes to our windows. Let’s see how he gets his so clear and shiny!

To give the viewer a better idea of how his method works, he first shows us a demonstration of what NOT to do. Zack says, “[Most people will] scrub their window with their applicator, they’ll start at the top and come down.” He goes on to show that streaks are formed when using this method because water “escapes off the edge” of the squeegee.

Oh, so that’s how we end up with streaky windows! Mystery solved.

Then, Zack demonstrates exactly WHAT we should all do instead when cleaning the glass. Start off by buying a top of the line squeegee blade that “will cut the water,” as he says.

Zack shows us his squeegeeMatthew Garner
Then, apply your solution using a soft applicator in squiggly, loose motions.

Next, instead of removing the water and solution mixture in a rigid, vertical motion, try replacing it for a side-to-side, curved movement. The clean area should resemble the shape of a rainbow—this method is called “The S.”

Zack shows the S window cleaning methodMatthew Garner
Once you have the small section of water removed, work on the other wet parts of your window using this S-shape movement. You will essentially be making curved, doodling motions over each wet area with your squeegee until all of the water is cut from the glass. Granted, this guy is a professional, but it looks as though this method is way faster than the alternative.

To top it off, Zack says that it’s best to wipe the edges of the window with a towel to remove any excess water from the surfaces. Pretty simple, right? I didn’t know that cleaning windows could be so quick or easy! I’m definitely going to trade in my spray bottle and paper towels for a heavy-duty squeegee and applicator.

Watch Zack’s video below for even more detailed explanations on how to get your windows as shiny as they can be!

What do you think about Zack’s window cleaning method? Are you a squeegee user? If so, what is your favorite brand on the market? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!