Ridiculously Simple Way to Deter Mosquitoes

While you may be fumbling with different creams, lotions or sprays to keep mosquitoes at bay, the simpler solution may be as easy as a small electric fan. William Broad, a writer over at the NY Times, witnessed this method at a recent 4th of July barbecue:

On a low table, they set up a small electric fan, perhaps 12 inches high, that swept back and forth, sending a gentle breeze across the grassy area where people were sitting.

That was it. No citronella candles, no bug zappers, no DEET, nothing expensive or high-tech. Yet amazingly, it worked. As far as I could tell, no mosquitoes flew into the vicinity of the simulated wind; nobody was bitten.

This could be something simple to try the next time you’re having an outdoor gathering and want to prevent unwanted guests from ruining things.

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