When we found this post over at First Home Love Life, we had a bit of a facepalm moment. If you’ve ever had trouble hanging a picture, or anything, on a wall by yourself, this method will change your life (ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it will help you out a lot)!

All you’ll need are nails, a hammer, some painters tape and a pen or pencil. Just turn whatever your hanging over and find the hooks or holes on the back. Then lay a line of painters tape across the two hooks or holes. Use your pen or pencil to mark where the hooks are, remove the tape from the back, and head to the place on the wall where your picture or whatever will hang. Use a level to stick the piece of tape the wall evenly. Then use the marks on the tape to hang your stuff without fuss!

For more pictures and the full post, head over to First Home Love Life’s Hanging Around Here.