The holiday season is supposed to be a time of cheer and everyone wants their seasonal decorations to reflect that! Images of Santa Claus, beautiful ribbons, and sparkling lights are just a few of the traditional Christmas decorations people will use to deck their halls.

But, although their intentions might be good, some people/companies have created holiday decorations that send a completely different message. One that will have you actually cracking up with laughter.

Here are 27 ridiculously bad Christmas decorations that were terribly miscalculated.

1. These Look Like Something Familiar…

They imagined the town decorations as glimmering, cascading lights. What they got was giant, light-up underwear.

2. It’s Good to Know Exactly What You’re Getting

Thank goodness, I’m so sick of those non-bell shaped bells.

3. This Makes Us Deeply Uncomfortable

A different formatting would have definitely helped this situation…

4. What Better Way to Celebrate Christmas Than TERRIFYING BEARS

Merry Christmas! I got you a bear that will stare down into the depths of your soul!

5. The Newest Christmas Tree Statue in Paris, France

It’s an avant-garde Christmas tree, obviously.

6. The Most Literal Christmas Gift of All Time

Changing Christmas mug.

They told you EXACTLY what you’re getting. Whether you like it or not.

7. Not the Most Traditional Greeting

Someone at McDonald’s got a serious talking to over these McCafe hot cups.

8. For the Decorator Who Can’t Let Go of Halloween

Why can’t your lights be merry AND spooky?

9. Doesn’t Everyone Hang Ceramic Toes From Their Tree?

That poor baby.

10. We’ll Pass On the Pancakes, Thanks Santa

What a great example of the harm overlapping photos on Microsoft Word can actually have.

11. This Mom Had No Idea What Santa Was Doing On Her Son’s Sweater

She probably thought Santa was admiring this house’s weird yellow roof lights.

12. Why are So Many Children Trapped in Santa’s Beard?

How did they get in there? HOW DO WE GET THEM OUT?!

13. This Looks So, So Bad

We’re not sure who’s buying this grass bear (we’re assuming it’s a bear?) to begin with – but especially once you check out the backside.

14. Believe…

…in Krampus? We’re confused.


Someone HAD to see this before they got send out.

16. There Was a Little Miscommunication Here…

The box isn’t even made for four ornaments! There are clearly only three spots.

17. Just in Case You’re Having a Crappy Christmas

Festive and functional, it doesn’t get better than that.

18. Oh, Let Us Count the Ways This is Disturbing

This was from a kid’s Christmas book, by the way. Yeah.

19. Reindeer…Sure

It’s just economically smarter…Santa’s in a lot of debt right now.

20. Arguably the Weirdest Ornament of All Time

That’s right, it’s half Santa and half a horse – IT’S SANTAUR.

21. Closely Followed By This Gem

Ah, yes, the beautiful holiday of XAMS.

22. There are Too Many Things to Point Out

It’s bad. It’s just bad. From top to bottom.

23. Don’t Look at it For Too Long…

If I don’t have nightmares about this, it will be a Christmas miracle.

24. You Know, One of Those Easter Egg-Shaped Trees

At least it still has peanut butter on the inside…right?

25. “Oh Oh Oh”

…woke up today, feeling the way I always do…?

26. Santa’s First Attempt at Falsies

Poor Santa, that’s not where your lashes go.

27. This Aunt Didn’t Understand Why Everyone Laughed at Her Ceramic

One side is a tasteful ceramic of Santa and the other side…looks a little less appropriate.