7 Incredibly Rich People Who Live Simple Lives

Rhetorical question: if you suddenly acquired a bank account that was literally bursting at the seams with liquid cash, would you upgrade anything and everything in your life, or would you keep to your thrifty habits?

It’s a delicate question — and one that’s meant to elicit an emotional response! — but it’s one that has actually turned out to be a real-life dilemma for the ultra-wealthy self-made millionaires and billionaires among us.

Personally speaking, we would probably choose the former; it would be just too difficult to leave all of that money untouched! That said, there are plenty of rich folks who have opted to continue their humble lifestyles despite all of that pressure to spend, spend, spend! Here are 7 of the most remarkable examples of real-life wealthy penny-pinchers.

  1. Keanu Reeves

    Despite being a successful actor— and a millionaire many times over— Keanu Reeves is known to be quite the humble guy.

    He reportedly donates a good amount of his income to leukemia research, lives in a 2-bedroom home, and has even been spotted giving up his seat for a fellow passenger on an NYC subway. (The main point here is that he actually RIDES the subway.) What a guy!

    Net worth: $350 million

  2. Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett may be one of the richest men on earth, but that doesn’t mean that the legendary businessman and investor lives in a mansion.

    Believe it or not, Buffett still resides in the very same home he bought in 1958, a 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath house in an ordinary suburban neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. The house itself is worth about $625,619 in today’s cash— not a bad chunk of change considering he nabbed it for about 30,000 bucks back in the day!

    Net worth: $84.2 million

  3. Julia Roberts

    Once regarded as Hollywood’s “girl next door”, Julia Roberts is all grown up and surprisingly low-maintenance.

    Don’t believe us? Just take a look at a few of her favorite things in the world, a list that includes “mother jeans” and vintage cowboy boots. Word on the street is she likes to model her less-than-flattering threads and used kicks while working away in her organic vegetable garden. Talk about down-to-earth!

    Net worth: $140 million

  4. Daniel Day-Lewis

    Everyone’s favorite method actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, is probably just as eccentric as you’d picture he’d be. For one, he lives far away from the bright lights and palatial estates of Hollywood, in rural Ireland, and likes to spend his free time playing the fiddle.

    This past summer, his spokesperson announced that he would be quitting acting for good after filming for his next film wraps at the end of 2017. Though he didn’t state why he’s walking away from a successful—and highly lucrative!— career, he’s indicated in the past that he has yearnings to return to his former profession as a cobbler. Yep, that’s a fancy word for shoe repairman. Whatever floats his boat!

    Net worth: $50 million

  5. Russell Crowe

    Over the years, Russell Crowe has used his bold presence to light up the silver screen, but according to the star himself, he would much rather be tending to his 1,400-acre Australian ranch than reciting lines.

    In a 2015 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Crowe made that truth crystal clear. “Here’s the thing mate: I’m not from Hollywood,” the actor asserts. “I go there to work. But it’s all made up.” Yikes— sorry we asked, Russell!

    Net worth: $75 million

  6. Kristen Bell

    She may have Frozen money, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s favorite comedic actress is willing to spend it.

    In an interview with talk show host Conan O’Brien, Bell admitted to being an avid couponer, even going so far as to stealing her neighbors’ mail so she can get her hands on those store mailers. Her biggest weakness? Bed, Bath & Beyond!

    Net Worth: $20 million

  7. Ingvar Kamprad

    You may not know his name, but you sure know his company. Hint: it’s a furniture store headquartered in Sweden.

    Yep, Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of Ikea, a brand that prides itself on delivering thrifty minimalism to the masses. Because of its mission, it’s not particularly surprising that Kamprad stays “on-brand” by living a frugal lifestyle—but it IS rather surprising that the guy exclusively wears second-hand clothing bought at flea markets.

    And only gets his hair cut when visiting developing countries to save cash. And recycles tea bags. And… well, you get the point…

    Net Worth: $46.8 billion

Who knew that these celebrities were so set on living simple lives? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list! Are you surprised that these folks are careful with their cash? Would you continue to live a frugal lifestyle as a millionaire or billionaire? Why or why not?