Let’s talk about water bottles for a second— specifically, plastic water bottles. We all know that hydration is important. We also know that plastic water bottles aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, to say the very least. But while we all try to use a washable, reusable one in our quests to get our daily dose of water, every so often when we’re rushed, busy, and/or traveling, buying one is inevitable— and, if you care about our environment, not a little guilt-inducing.

Last year, 22 billion water bottles were thrown into dumps or incinerators to do more harm to our planet. Recycling seems like the obvious solution, but what if there was a better and more direct way? Like, say, using your finished bottles in a handy way around the house, all with your own ingenuity? Reusing your water bottles can not only benefit you, but it can positively affect the environment, too— what a fantastic win/win scenario!

So how should we actually reuse those bottles? After all, simply refilling them and drinking out of them again isn’t the best idea, so what does that leave us? Using them in more creative and alternative ways! Here to show us five is Roman UrsuHack. He’s figured out how to hack these bottles in ways we’ve never seen before, and we’re so excited to share our favorites with you. Check these ideas out!

  1. Funnel
    Cut the top off of plastic water bottle to make a funnelRoman UrsuHack

    The first idea here is also the simplest and easiest: turn the top into a funnel! All you have to do is carefully cut off the top and flip it upside-down. If using it in your kitchen makes you nervous, Roman points out that it’s also perfect for use in the garage for pouring motor oil or diesel.
  2. Nozzle
    Heat bottle cap and press with toothpick to make nozzleRoman UrsuHack

    When you need to pour or drizzle liquids with a little more control and precision, you can totally adapt your water bottle! Simply and carefully heat the bottle cap, then slowly press with a toothpick, being careful not to push all the way through the cap. Once the newly-molded cap is cooled, snip off the end, and voila! Roman suggests using the adapted bottle in place of pastry bags or for cream, but again, if that makes you nervous, it’s also a great tool for use in the garage for greasing hard-to-reach places. It’s also great for kid craft projects!
  3. Laminate
    Use water bottle and hair dryer to laminate mason jarRoman UrsuHack

    This idea is the coolest one of all! You can actually use a water bottle to laminate mason jars and other things, protecting your homemade labels and allowing you to personalize things in an even more lasting way. Slice off the top and bottom of the water bottle, and then place the ring of plastic around the mason jar and on top of your label. Aim a hair dryer or another hot air gun at the plastic, and watch as the heat shrinks the plastic around the jar. It’s like magic!

There’s more ideas where these came from, so be sure to watch Roman UrsuHack’s video below to find out what they are and to see the process of our three favorites in action!

Do you use water bottles in any brilliant ways? Share your ideas in the comments section below.