We’re big advocates of reusing paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Once you’re done with those paper towels, recycling the roll seems like a waste, especially when there are so many amazing DIY projects that you can make with these rolls! From adorable crafts for around the home to handy hacks that are guaranteed to make your life easier, there are few things as versatile as the paper towel roll. Don’t believe us? Check out these 17 brilliant ways to reuse these rolls in extremely useful ways.

  1. Lace Bracelets 

    Paper Bracelets EditedStyle Diaries

    Toilet paper rolls are best for this project, especially if your kids have tiny wrists! These bracelets looks so lovely, you’d never know that they’re actually rolls of toilet paper covered in lace and adorable buttons. Cheapest costume jewelry ever.

  2. Tabletop Organizer

    Tabletop OrganizerMy Printly

    We’ve shared this one on TipHero before, but it’s such an amazing hack. Cut paper towel rolls to different heights, wrap them in fun papers, and make a cute organizer for your office area.

  3. DIY iPhone Speaker

    iPhone Speaker EditedBuzzFeed

    No iPhone speaker? No problem. This DIY fix is amazing. All you need in a toilet paper roll to make your very own speakers.

  4. Hanger Hack

    Hanger HackOne Good Thing

    If you’re sick of creases in your pants, try this hanger hack. Tape a paper towel roll around your hanger to prevent lines in your trousers.

  5. Cord Holders

    Cord HolderOur Thrifty Ideas

    Nothing can be more out-of-control than stray cords. When you don’t need them, instead of letting them tangle and take up room, use paper towel rolls to hold them! Bonus points for making the rolls pretty with some fabrics.

  6. Toilet Roll Organizer

    Roll OrganizerWoman's Day

    A great general hack. Trim each roll so that it’s slightly shorter than the height of the drawer. Apply a dot of hot glue to the sides of the rolls to secure them together in a group. Dot the bottom of each roll with hot glue and glue the rolls onto a piece of poster board trimmed to fit inside the drawer. In these you can store anything from jewelry to office supplies – whatever you’d like!

  7. DIY Knife Sheath

    Knife SheathInstructables

    If you need a quick knife sheath, cutting open a paper towel roll is the perfect way to make a cheap, protective option.

  8. Fire Starter

    FirestarterOne Good Thing

    Starting a camp fire is not as easy as it looks on TV. If you need a quick short cut, a toilet paper roll makes the perfect all-in-one kindling with this easy technique.

  9. Wall Art

    Wall ArtThe Mayberry Home Journal

    There’s no way that those are toilet paper rolls…wait, they are? Incredibly enough, those are toilet paper rolls making a lovely piece of (free!) art on your living room wall. And no one has to know.

  10. Grow Seedlings

    Grow SeedlingsPreparedness Mama

    Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size and shape to grow some seedlings. Once grown, move them into some larger pots.

  11. Plastic Bag Holder

    Store BagsInstructables

    When left unorganized, plastic bags can get out of control. For an easy way to keep them in order until you need them, stuff them into your new bag holder – a paper towel roll.

  12. Hidden Compartment

    Surprise GiftHow Does She

    Into white elephant gifts? Hiding some money in a toilet paper roll is the best tricky way to set up your secret gift.

  13. DIY Bird Feeder

    Bird FeederGo Grow Go

    Keep your birds happy with this DIY bird feeder! The project is easy to do and can be made into multiple tiers – perfect if the birds really love you. Plus this is a much cheaper option than purchasing a store-made feeder.

  14. Wrapping Paper Holder

    Protect Wrapping PaperConsumer Queen

    When we use wrapping paper and toss it aside, the paper tends to unravel, tear, and become unusable. To keep your wrapping paper good for as long as possible, cut open toilet paper rolls and tape them around the wrapping paper.

  15. Jewelry Holder

    Jewelry HolderHome Talk

    This project is a little more work, but it’s such a handy craft! Never let your jewelry get disorganized and tangled again with this DIY jewelry holder. Best of all, you can personalize it any way you’d like!

  16. DIY Wreath

    Paper Roll WreathMom's Crafty Space

    Like the wall art, it’s difficult to believe that this beautiful wreath is made out of paper towel rolls. This is a simple and free craft to make, and could easily be turned into a Christmas decoration.

  17. Party Favors

    Party FavorsHuffington Post

    These fun party favors are adorable and easy to make! Fill them with whatever you’d like and the blank canvas of the paper towel roll means you can theme the party favor. Make them for the 4th of July, Christmas, or any other occasion!


Have you used paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls in a useful DIY? Share your ideas in the comments section below.