Cribs seem like a very specific thing. They’re meant for your children to sleep in until they get to be old enough (which happens surprisingly quickly) and then they’re basically useless – until your next child. If you’re done having kids or have no other use for your baby’s old crib, don’t take it to the junk yard or re-gift it all at once! Here are 11 shockingly adorable and ingenious ways to reuse that old crib that you never would have thought about!


  1. Magazine Rack

    Magazine-Rack EditedNo Dime Design

    Looking for a place to hang your relentless issues of Home & Garden? One of your former crib’s walls will do nicely as a magazine rack!

  2. Wall Decor

    Wall Decor EditedPJKNews

    The bars of a crib lend themselves well to wall decor, especially of the hanging variety. Use cut-out letters and twine to make a creative DIY decoration.

  3. Kids Craft Center

    Art Desk EditedA Little Learning for Two

    By taking down one crib wall and adding a kid-friendly counter top, you’ll instantly have an adorable arts and crafts area for your kids!

  4. Reading Nook

    Reading NookFlickr

    Sprucing up your kids’ disassembled crib with some decorations and lots of books makes for the perfect, peaceful reading nook.

  5. Chalkboard Easel

    ChalkboardThe Red Kitchen

    Chalkboards are a cute and useful accent for any home! Using your recycled crib adds an extra vintage vibe and the wood frame can be repainted any color you’d like.

  6. Recycled Bench

    Crib Bench EditedA Diamond in the Stuff

    Crib bars make for a perfect DIY bench! Lacquer the wood to make a classy, modern bench or distress the wood for a more rustic furniture piece.

  7. Kitchen Storage

    Pot Storage EditedInstructables

    For a creative and space-efficient way to store (and show off) your pots and pans, utilize your old crib as a kitchen rack.

  8. Shelving Unit

    Crib ShelvesAcha Dos De Decoracao

    For all-purpose shelves, your old crib is the answer. All you need to do is remove one wall and you have instant DIY shelves!

  9. Craft Station

    Craft RackMade by Marzipan

    Kind of an adult arts and crafts corner! Hanging a wall of crib bars is a perfect place to hang thread, fabrics and other crafty objects to be artfully displayed and stored.

  10. DIY Wagon


    A fun craft for the whole family! Your kids will love their brand new wagon and you’ll love that you got a brand new toy for no extra money.

  11. Patio Furniture

    Crib Reuse FI EditedBeautiful DIY

    For decorative patio furniture (without the hefty price tag) decorate an old crib with cushions and pillows for a DIY patio set.


Have you reused an old crib in a brilliant way? Share your craft and decor ideas in the comments section below.