We’re always looking for cool ways to recycle, especially plastics that are so frequently wasted. A prime example? Plastic bottles. We’ve all heard those crazy statistics that we’ve thrown away enough plastic bottles to circle the planet about four times. So make a point to recycle those bottle, people! If you want to take things a step further, you can even upcycle the bottles – which means you’re turning it into something useful that you can use after you’re done with the bottle. In this case, we’re looking at two really cool ways to upcycle an underrated part of the bottle: the cap! Check out the video below to see how you can turn your old plastic bottle caps into some useful little hacks.

While watching, you might be thinking, what are these turning into? What use can I possibly get out of a silly little bottle cap?

You are about to be amazed. With these two clever tricks, you can create some pretty fantastic things out of those caps, things that have multiple uses around your home! And some potential for some serious fun.

First, we’ll look at the multi-dispenser.


– A bottle cap
– A lighter
– A toothpick
– Scissors
– Pliers

STEP 1: Cut one end of the toothpick so it’s dulled.
STEP 2: Holding the cap with the pliers, carefully heat the top of the cap until the plastic becomes pliable.
STEP 3: Using the cut side of the toothpick, push the wood into the plastic and push straight down the entire length of the toothpick.
STEP 4: Clean off any excess plastic or debris that has come off as you let the plastic set.
STEP 5: Once set, remove the toothpick to get your final dispenser.

This handy little dispenser can be used in a million different ways: to oil up your car, as the head of a glue bottle, dispensing grease into tricky places, watering small flowers, or even in the kitchen to make perfect pancakes!

From there, the second hack is more or less an extension of the dispenser we just created. This trick is especially cool for people who love outdoor sports like archery.


– The cap dispenser you made
– Hot glue gun
– Toothpick
– Box cutter

STEP 1: Using the box cutter, chop off the top of the dispenser so you just have the elongated part.
STEP 2: Stick the toothpick in, applying hot glue about halfway on the toothpick, and push it through so the pointed side is sticking out of the plastic and the other half is stuck inside.

You’ve just made fun little blow darts! Safer than sharpened metal darts, these fun little guys are great for people who are fans of blow guns. If that’s not your thing, keep the dispenser as is and use it in a million ways around the house.

What do you think of this two-part upcycle of bottle caps? Do you use bottle caps in a creative way? Share your ideas in the comments section below.