Here’s a Bed That’s Even More Amazing Than the Murphy Bed. Watch This!

We all know and love the space saving magic of the Murphy bed. At the start of the 20th century, William Murphy created his iconic bed, which can fold out from the wall to save space in small, typically urban spaces. In 2004, Parisian designers Décadrages took a cue from Murphy and created something called the BedUp. This revolutionary bed is the ultimate space saver, perfect for the small flat or the 200 square foot tiny home. Watch the video below to see the amazing BedUp in action – you won’t believe how cool it is until you see it.

In today’s world, cities are flocked with people. Apartments are hard to come by because space is hard to come by, and larger apartments therefore cost a small monthly fortune. Where space is so coveted and so hard to come by, something like the BedUp makes all the difference.

Instead of having a piece of furniture always taking up room, or a Murphy bed which might require the moving of furniture to accommodate its appearance, the BedUp merely lowers from the ceiling. No furniture needs to be shifted, no space needs to be wasted, and no insane effort needs to be exerted.

The way the BedUp works is with counter weights, these allow the bed to effortlessly go down and up, despite its heavy weight. There are a few different models with various heights, and this will be determined by what your furniture layout looks like, because the idea is that it can seamlessly go OVER furniture without requiring extra work or space. The one thing the bed does require is a sturdy ceiling – concrete is recommended.

To learn more about the BedUp check out the website here.