Raise your hand if you love French fries. *Hand shoots up in the air*

Fun fact: French fries didn’t originate from France. In fact, the snack has actually been traced back to Belgium in the late 1600s when people began to fry up potatoes.

Frying potatoes in Belgium was actually a back-up to poor villagers frying small fish. In the winter, frying fish was near impossible due to freezing rivers, so instead, they were forced to find other food to fry. That’s where the potato came in!

So if it originated in Belgium why do we refer to them as “French”? Well, it was during World War I when American soldiers who were stationed in Belgium got to try fries for the first time. Since members of the army spoke French, the soldiers decided to call the snack “French fries.” Probably not the best name, since so many people assume that they originated in France, but so be it!

Wherever they came from, there’s truly nothing like the crunchy, salty snack. Personally, we at Tip Hero love our fries classically dipped in ketchup, but honey mustard or ranch dressings work just as well. Heck, even barbeque sauce tastes delicious on fries. And if you’ve never dipped a fry in your milkshake, you simply aren’t living, are we right?

Whether from McDonald’s, Burger King, or your favorite all-American diner, French fries perfectly complement any meal. They can also just be a meal in itself (we don’t judge when it comes to French fries!).

There’s only one problem when it comes to getting to enjoy your French fries. Currently, the entire world is dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19, or coronavirus outbreak, spreading from country to country, state to state. Restaurants have been forced to shut their doors. And while you can still get takeout or delivery from most places, you might be feeling a bit uneasy about it.

So what’s a fry-loving person to do when access to your favorites might be hard to come by? Well, you can do what most of the world is being forced to do at the moment: Make food at home. yes, even French fries!

While making French friends at home from scratch may sound complicated and time consuming homemade French fries are actually relatively simple to make. And we promise: They taste as delicious as the ones you get from your favorite restaurant.

If you’ve made French fries at home before and are wondering why they may have paled in comparison to the ones you get at restaurants, then you’re most likely missing an important step in the process.

In this video below, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana shares her secret for making perfectly delicious golden brown fries. Here’s how it’s done:

Have you ever made French fries at home? Will you try this recipe?