When a pit bull is rescued from dog-fighting, a lot of wonderful things happen. One, of course, is that he finally escapes abuse and begins to enjoy all the dog-friendly joys of the world. Another? He gets to figure out what he really, really loves! Sometimes that thing is his very first bed. Other times, it’s a cuddly friend. And this time? It’s an unexpected food: pizza!

The way The Mighty Finn reacts to a bite of the cheesy goodness is so funny, too adorable, and unexpectedly heartwarming. Who’s “The Mighty Finn,” you ask? Finn is one of the “367,” the group of dogs rescued in the second largest multi-state dog-fighting bust in the United States. According to the Huffington Post, the number comes from the total number of dogs rescued on the very first day of the raid, August 23, 2013. A total of 486 dogs would be rescued over several days in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. Finn was one of the dogs rescued on the very first day.

His life has improved incredibly since that day, thank goodness. The Huffington Post reports:

Finn is now one of a family of four dogs and two cats, living in New Jersey, and going to work every day with his new mom, dog trainer Andrea Kilkenny.

Finn “has made lots of friends, both human and canine,” said Kilkenny. “We are just amazed at how well he is doing, and his confidence grows daily. He loves meeting new people and is very gentle. We are hoping that he will become a therapy dog in the future.”

Finn’s days are now, instead of fighting, filled with naps in the sun, trips to the beach, and lots of playing with other dogs. Just as it should be! His Facebook page shows a great life spent trying to save other dogs just like him.

The funniest, most unexpected benefit to his new life though? That pizza! His human friends call his reaction the “Pizza Crust Zoomie.” Watch the adorable video to see why!

So cute! Have you met a dog like Finn before? Do you have a rescued canine who’s now loving life? Share your stories!