One thing that’s been collecting more than anything else in my home is cardboard. I just moved, so I’m basically swimming in broken down boxes and slabs of cardboard, and needless to say, it’s driving me crazy. I’ve been recycling pretty consistently and still finding more and more cardboard to get rid of!

So that’s when I got to thinking: maybe there’s a way I could upcycle all this material rather than recycle it. As it turns out, there’s a lot of interesting, helpful ways you can transform cardboard from a waste of space to a handy household item.

Here are nine easy, brilliant ways to turn cardboard into things you’ll actually use around the house.

1. Trendy Basket

Alitoysa via YouTube

One of our favorite ways to transform an average cardboard box? Using rope and fabric to turn it into a trendy basket that looks like an expensive, store-bought piece! No one has to know it’s a plain cardboard box underneath it all.

2. Jewelry Box

DIY jewelry box.What's Up Moms

Looking for a stylish box to keep your jewelry? You don’t have to hunt through antique stores endlessly to find just the right one, you can actually make your own using a small cardboard box. There’s never been a cooler way to display your jewels.

3. Halloween Costumes

Apartment Therapy

It might not be Halloween, but the fact that you can make a free costume out of cardboard isn’t something you should forget. Apartment Therapy shows us how to make an epic dragon costume out of cardboard, one you’ll want to bookmark for when October comes back around.

4. Lego Toy Box

Travel Lego box.What's Up Moms?

What kid doesn’t love their Legos?! Now you can make a travel set for your kids’ favorite toy using just a cardboard box, a flat Lego piece, and hot glue! Keep the little ones endlessly entertained on-the-go.

5. Cable Organizers

person sticking cable into toilet paper rollTricksHacks

No matter what they’re for — TV, video game consoles, phones, computers, you name it — our endless heaps of cables can get really messy. But you can use the most surprising thing to keep all those cords in order: toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

6. Marker Caddy

Making a marker caddy with a shoebox.Aunt Peaches

If you have kids (or if you just love to draw yourself) then you know that having a way to keep markers organized is essential. All you need is one of those shoe boxes that you’ve got cluttering your closet to make the DIY organizer your craft corner needs.

7. Cardboard Terrarium

DIY Cardboard terraniumWhat's Up Moms?

An easy way to liven up your home is to bring some plants into the picture! If you’re looking for a way to display your new greenery, look no further than this DIY terrarium. Use a small cardboard box or shoe box to make a decorative plant holder that will look amazing in your home.

8. Cereal Box Drawer

Using the bottoms of cereal boxes for drawer organizers.I Heart Organizing

What’s the biggest source of cardboard that comes through our homes? Cereal boxes, without a doubt. Use the bottoms of those boxes to make organizers perfect for just about any drawer! Utensil drawer, junk drawer, you name it.

9. Faux Metal Letters

Making faux metal letters out of cardboard.Grillo Designs

This project is a little bit more advanced, but the end result looks amazing! You can make these faux metal letters yourself, in any shape you want; initials or even a short phrase would look great hanging on your wall.


What did you think of these DIYs? Do you upcycle cardboard in a different way? Share your thoughts and favorite projects in the comments section below.