At any given time, most of us have cardboard lying around the house that’s either waiting for recycling day or taking up space. It comes in various forms and sizes: tissue or cereal boxes, shipping packages, and other products we use on a regular basis.

Don’t throw it out just yet! You can put all that cardboard to good use by repurposing it. Because it’s so easy to cut, fold, glue, or decorate, cardboard is versatile and doesn’t always have to be relegated to the recycling bin or given to the kids for their DIY toys.

With a few cuts and adjustments, Household Hacker shows us how to remake old cardboard boxes into useful items for the home. Check out this vid for eight functional ideas on what to do with your stack.

  1. Moving/Storage Box

    It’s obvious that you can reuse larger boxes to pack for a move. But what you may not have thought of is to add your own makeshift handles for easier transport.

    Use a box cutter to slice rectangular or triangular openings into the box for your hands. Leave the top portion of your cutout unsliced so you can fold it inwards for finger-friendly handles. It’ll save you from needing to buy expensive banker’s boxes!

  2. Bird Feeder

    Right on time for the spring season! Have the kiddos help you make some hanging bird feeders from cardboard cutouts. Trace your shapes onto the cardboard, cut them out, and smear both sides with peanut butter. Dip them into some birdseed and hang them from tree branches with twine.

    Just make sure you position your feeders away from the project that follows!

  3. Cat Den

    Reminiscent of the tents and forts we built as kids, a boxy cat tent could become your kitty’s favorite hangout. Grab a box that’s large and comfy enough for your cat. Create an entrance by removing the front flaps or tucking them in.

    Slip an old tee over the box and position the neck hole over the entrance. Fold the sleeves and bottom of the shirt in or tie them off with bands. Add a cat creature comfort or two and you’re good!

  4. Can Dispenser

    Need a super cheap cabinet organization idea? Make a dispenser for all your canned goods with an empty 12-pack soda box. Cut an opening large enough for soup cans in the back of the box. For a decorative look, feel free to go crazy with wrapping paper or paint to adorn the outside of your box.

    Load your cans in sideways through the rear slot for easy storage and dispensing. No more having to deal with stacked (or tumbling) cans in the cupboards. These dispensers are also good for storing empty plastic bags that you want to reuse!

For more ideas and detailed instructions on how to create these upcycled cardboard projects, keep watching the video below. You’ll also pick up some tricks on turning cardboard into house organizers – for free!

Do you reuse cardboard in your home? Which one of these projects would you love to try? What other things can you think of for upcycled cardboard?